Dealing with stress

Stress is a physical response to something we’re mentally struggling with. If not dealt with, it can affect how we think, feel and behave on a conscious and subconscious level. Although we’re not always aware of it, the mind and body constantly interact. If we’re struggling mentally, this can have a direct physical effect.

Stress is a state of emotional or mental strain, or tension, resulting from demanding and adverse circumstances. Stress isn’t tangible, we can’t touch it, but it’s there, and not always when we expect.

When it comes to stress, I have to think about and deal with each issue as it arises. Because I deal with autism, the more I struggle to work through an issue the bigger the issue gets, the more I mentally struggle, the more anxiety I deal with, the more panicked I feel.

Taking stress away helps me deal with my emotional and physical issues with more ease. It also allows me to focus on staying positive, so that I can make better decisions, particularly around health issues.

There are ways for us to deal with and limit stress. For example, saying ‘no’ to unreasonable demands from family, particularly if their demands are likely to create more stress. We need to think about whether what they’re asking is fair. If the demand was placed on someone else, would we see it as fair?

As children, we’re not always able to say no. But if what family are asking isn’t right, then we need to say no, but also to give reasons rather than a list of excuses. We are refusing the request, not the person. A compromise must be reached. We could try offering an alternative. If the time isn’t right but the request is, an explanation will help the other person understand why.

We must look at the issues and the people that are causing us stress. Rather than wait for stress to pass, we must deal with it when we experience it. Things always feel different with the benefit of hindsight.

We also need to manage the issues that are causing us unnecessary stress. Plan new and positive experiences so that you can focus on what you have to gain. Be honest with yourself, so that you understand what you’re finding stressful. Even if someone else sees it as trivial, it’s not for them to judge.

2 Jun, 2010

6 thoughts on “Dealing with stress

  1. Sounds like you have really done your homework on this subject and it’s always helpful to learn new ways of dealing with stress! I don’t always know of good ways to deal with stress. I’ll have to continue paying attention to your blogs so I can learn more about it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

    1. Thanks for your support Randy. It will be good to have you back on the site. It can be difficult when dealing with stress and we don’t always get it right, but I am sure the more we deal with stress the more we find ways to work through stress.

  2. I agree with everything you have written in this blog and have actually been implementing these tactics into my life and am finding it easier to cope with life. There are other exterior stresses such as bills and finances and such that are a horse of another color. I hope you will be addressing these as well. I love the information I receive from you Ilana it always helps. Thanks, Brian.

    1. Thanks Brian. Once you master the art of dealing with stress you will master the art of sorting out your bills and finances. Promise you.

  3. I have a method that I learned from a book on wicca and now I’ve seen it in new Stress Management books. It basically describes how to lower your brain waves to the alpha level. I have used it on and off since I was 17. Also qi gong (breathing exercises).

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