Dealing with the whole

Trying to cure part without looking at the whole, could be compared to a chair without a leg and a lamp without a shade. They go together.

Success comes when we’re looking at the whole of something in its entirety, not the half. Half of something means we could end up with a conclusion that we didn’t anticipate, and therefore won’t be right.

Stepping back shows us the whole, a full side that gives us the tools to incorporate everything we need, so that we can make informed choices moving forward.

30 Nov, 2015

2 thoughts on “Dealing with the whole

  1. Yes, this is one of the hardest things to do since so many people only want to focus on one area. It’s like trying to keep a car running by only ever trying to fix one part.

    There are many times I don’t want to look at the whole, because there are parts of myself I just don’t like dealing with, or even looking at. I have made so many mistakes that I have a hard time living with and looking at them only makes it worse.

    The reality is that I always made choices that were better for everyone else and totally ignored my own needs. It’s the way I was raised and I carried the habits with me all along, so I can’t continue beating myself up for it!

    I have watched far too many people do just this, focus on just one issue, when they needed to stop and look at how the pieces fit together. Most people don’t want to do this, which is understandable when you’ve been forced to ignore those issues most of your life.

    People have this magical thinking that if you fix this one problem your life will be perfect! All you have to do is watch TV commercials and ads to see why they think this way, because that’s how those things are sold. There isn’t any magic pill that will fix people who are broken, so we have to do the work, which so many of us don’t like doing because it’s not easy!

    1. Thanks Randy. I understand where you’re coming from. From my own experiences, whether we’re looking at the whole of us, or the whole of an issue we’re dealing with, we must always try to look at the whole, however tough that is. I know it’s hard.

      Like you I was never inherently given the right either, but by internal observations I found a way through. It would be lovely to think that our parents and families will help guide us in a way that will be of benefit to us, but sadly that isn’t always the case.

      It’s harder to work through without the tools of course, but I don’t believe it’s beyond any of our capabilities. Not all parents of course, but some parents are good at showing us how not to do things. I have learned many a lesson that way.

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