Deceiving appearances

Having been told that my blood test results from the Doctor’s surgery were fine, I then received a call from my doctor to run through some of the results. What was fine then wasn’t fine.

The doctor explained that the ‘markers’ on my liver function test were elevated, but that it was nothing to be alarmed about. That I also had inflammation, which again was nothing to worry about. My cholesterol level was higher than it should have been and that needed to come down.

Having had problems with lactose, I moved over to lactose free products, which contain full fat milk and therefore can contribute to cholesterol problems. Until I got the test back I never made the connection. By solving one problem I was causing another. I therefore have to work on reducing my cholesterol.

I have a telephone appointment next week with my doctor to go through the findings in more detail. In the meantime I’m sorting things out for myself. Being slim you wouldn’t think I’d have problems with cholesterol, but it just goes to prove, all is not what it seems from the outside.

It’s probably something we should all bear in mind, particularly when it comes to our health. We can’t afford to sit back and assume things will be okay.

17 Jul, 2013

8 thoughts on “Deceiving appearances

  1. I totally agree we can’t sit back and just assume that things will be okay. My son’s (5 1/2 year old) cholesterol is high and of course he is no where over weight. he is underweight if anything, but he has genetic problems that I’m sure contribute to the cholesterol findings.

    We are working on it via diet for now and will recheck it in October. If it’s still up we may consider adding another med to his list he is already taking.

    The last time I had mine checked it was fine but I need to have it rechecked. I really try to watch my fat intake and don’t eat a lot of meat if at all. I do eat oatmeal every morning and yogurt during the day at some point. I eat low fat Greek yogurt; has more protein and tastes marvelous.

    1. Yes diet does play a big part in maintaining our cholesterol. It’s worth getting it checked out just to make sure we’re on the right path. We can never be too careful. Like you the last time I checked my cholesterol was normal. To assume we’re okay can work against us as my case has shown.

      I hope you manage to sort out your son’s problems with his cholesterol. Genetics also play its part and I agree in your son’s case that will be likely but I am sure there will be other factors involved.

      From what you say Lisa, he deals with a lot.

  2. My friend is a prime example of this considering he’s pretty slim and yet he has cholesterol and heart issues!

    I’ve known him for a long time and he’s usually had a pretty healthy diet and got plenty of exercise so it was a surprise that he’s had such problems. People don’t often pay attention to the family history which can be a very good indicator of problems in the future.

    I’m just now dealing with needing bifocals, but I was relieved that the optometrist said I was about the right age for it. Now if I can just work on losing the weight I have seemed to put on recently it would probably help.

    Kind of difficult at times when I have trouble just getting out of the house!

    1. Yes as my case has shown too looks can be deceiving with what we have to deal with medically. I hope your friend manages to sort his medical problems out Randy.

      I agree with your point about family history. We tend not to pay attention to our family history, but our extended family’s health can be good indicators for our own health in the future.

      I do believe though, some of what our family have to deal with health wise can be avoidable for us if we take more care with our own health.

  3. It’s natural to glance at someone and pre-judge their lifestyle from their appearance.

    As you say everyone thinks that slim people will have low cholesterol and be generally healthy and overweight people unhealthy. We must all be aware that there are so many factors that contribute to our overall health; diet, lifestyle, genetics disposition and these are complex and inter-related.

    Now you are aware that your cholesterol is raised you can try and address that. Lisa has some good diet suggestions too, especially oatmeal which helps reduce cholesterol and has a low GI to help keep you fuller for longer so we don’t snack the wrong foods.

    I am due a cholesterol check too and I suspect mine will be on the high side also.

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