Decision making foundations

Every day, we are inundated with making daily decisions, some small decisions and some decisions that aren’t so small, but end up being life changing.

Unfortunately, for many of us our decision-making is based on our past experiences and cognitive biases, the latter being the biggest problem. We tend to base our decisions on individual past unconscious experiences, even if those decisions aren’t made for the greater good.

Our decisions are also based on individual differences, which vary from one person to another, depending on our unconscious past experiences, which include variables such as self-esteem, rate of cognitive development and degree of agreeableness. Our decisions are also based on personal relevance, what we see as relevant to us.

Understanding all the factors that influence the decision making process is important to understanding those decisions. It is often the factors behind which decisions are taken that influence the process and which impact outcomes, not for the person making the decision, but for others who have to live with their decision.

For me being able to rationale my thoughts, means I never make a decision without thinking that decision through. I consciously continue to make decisions based on my unconscious bias, whilst changing the outcome so that I don’t base my decisions on any bad past experiences. It stands to reason that any bad experiences will impinge present decisions, unless we choose not to let those decisions affect our current thinking.

My life has been based on many traumatic experiences.  Had I allowed myself to use those traumatic experiences to make present day decisions, I’d be missing out on any new experiences that would allow me to experience better times than those I had come from. When others don’t clear the decks on their past unconscious experiences, they will always get caught up in their negativity thinking that become their present decisions.

To understand is to change, is to let go. When we let go, we leave those past experiences where they belong in the past, ready for new experiences.

2 Mar, 2016

2 thoughts on “Decision making foundations

  1. My decision making process was warped, by so many years of trying to make the right decision for other people’s benefit rather than my own! It made me neurotic after so many years, since it seemed like it didn’t matter which one I made, it would always be the wrong one.

    Emotionally I felt like I was being torn in half by parents who each wanted to get their own way. They failed to notice how much it was traumatizing me to always be stuck in the middle in their insane battle for control! My other siblings were able to escape once they were old enough, so I got the last and the worst of it!

    It’s no wonder that I had and still have such a hard time making any decisions, let alone following through with them! I have spent so many years having to second guess my decisions that quite often I don’t make any decision.

    I have finally decided that it’s OK to not have to be the ‘dancing monkey,’ to make everyone else happy. People normally don’t feel guilty about taking care of themselves which is one of so many issues I need to work on.

    The biggest issue is actually making the decision to take care of myself and being able to follow through with it!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes unconscious conditioning has a lot to answer for. When we’ve lived our lives, when bad patterns set in and we keep repeating the same bad patterns around our children!

      That said, it’s left to us to put it right for ourselves and our own children, but unless we understand how to correct those patterns, we will go on to repeat the same patterns, as will our children.

      We can only do our best to create a better environment and as you say take care of ourselves. I feel there is nothing wrong with that.

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