Deeper awareness

Having deep awareness within ourselves is the key to renewal and change. But for that to happen, we must be willing to transform ourselves through our inner thoughts, so that they reflect both our conscious and unconscious beliefs, in order to change the distorted energy patterns that become the cause of disease, ageing and infirmity.

It is our inner thoughts that  influence how we react to situation. But any transformation has to come from the soul. Infinitely, it is the soul that creates the body and the soul that gives us full access to our potential, allowing us to bring more awareness to our circumstances, our lives past and present and bringing more intelligence and creativity to every aspect of our lives.

When we commit to a deeper awareness, we focus and embrace our lives with open arms and transcend the obstacles that affect the mind and body in our everyday lives. Through deeper awareness, we will want to commit to our relationships on a more mature level, something we may often struggle with.

It is through deeper awareness of the soul that our actions tie us to a person and cause us to bond in ways that reflect ties on a soulful level.

12 Jul, 2018

2 thoughts on “Deeper awareness

  1. Most of my life has been run on my external thoughts, such as fear and anger, while ignoring most of my inner thoughts which is what most people are able to run on.

    I always chose the easier, softer way as they say in AA, and not choosing the harder path, which would have required working more on my inner self.

    There are certain parts of myself that I have avoided even though I dislike them, they are a part of me that I can’t ignore if I want to feel whole again.

    There are many things I still want to do, but it will require a lot of soul searching to finally become the person that I want to be rather than just existing, as a shell of a man.

    I still have one person in my life who knows me better than I know myself and I want to find out if we can finally be together.

    1. Thanks Randy. Now that you’re aware, perhaps you can deal with your inner thoughts and close that chapter of your life for good.

      As you say yourself, you took the soft option which didn’t help because you still had to deal with your experiences. I love and agree with your penultimate paragraph in your response and that’s exactly right.

      We can only do what we want to do once we’ve cleared the decks on our experiences and that does require us to soul search and deal with our experiences.

      If you’re truly not happy it’s important you do something about it. Don’t wait until it’s too late. This is one area of your life that you’re in the driving seat.

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