Deserving better is closure

Imagine how much better you’ll feel not carrying another person’s guilt. We carry guilt, regardless of whether the guilt belongs to us. It is only when we look back that we may see the madness unfold.

It’s not so much what’s said, it’s only when you get to read between the lines on the things that aren’t said that could have been said, that would dramatically change how you see yourself and your life.

Where family are disappointed, they won’t always say, and we’re still left to pick up the pieces on our own. As we continue to journey through life, we tread water until something in our head just clicks, and our perceptions change overnight.

But no matter our experiences or what our issues are, we owe it to ourselves to want to be better. We must work on ourselves to do and be better, to know that we finally deserve better. Knowing we deserve better is closure.

26 Feb, 2019

4 thoughts on “Deserving better is closure

  1. Wow, that makes a lot of sense and would be great if I could feel comfortable with knowing that I do deserve better, no matter what feelings I have.

    I have spent most of my life feeling like I don’t deserve much of anything due to the guilt, shame and remorse I carried,
    most of which wasn’t mine to begin with.

    At times, I have felt like I was drowning in it, barely able to continue having the strength just to keep my head above water. Only recently have I have tried to believe that I don’t have to exist that way anymore.

    I would love to wake up in the morning and not feel like such a waste of space. It would be fantastic to finally feel comfortable in my own skin for a change and to do more than just exist.

    1. Thanks Randy. I believe it will come for you. You must keep telling yourself you deserve better and then become proactive and make that happen. You absolutely deserve better.

      But if we’re not happy it’s up to us to make us feel happy. For us to make the changes that will bring about a different thinking from us.

      Whilst you continue to live your life without making any changes, you will always feel as you feel. But you don’t have to. I promise you that.

  2. Guilt is the feeling that we’ve done something that was a wrong thing to do. Sometimes its okay to feel guilt for our action or for our words, as we can then put things right.

    But when someone tries to force guilt on us, there is no reason for us to accept it. No one can make us guilty and it is liberating when we are able to shed that guilt.

    As you say we owe it to ourselves to feel better about ourselves.

    1. If those who were guilty of wrongdoing apologised, how much better our world would be.

      From my own experiences that’s not what happens and which is why we are left to carry the guilt. When those who have wronged us don’t apologise, that guilt has nowhere to go.

      But it is important where we have been wronged those others put that right for us. It’s also important that where we have wronged, we put that right for others.

      We are all responsible for what we put out there. On the day of reckoning they are also accountable. The universe will always look to balance.

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