Feelings of despondency can happen at any time, no matter how emotionally strong we are.

Below are suggestions for emotional, mental and spiritual healing of despondency:

  • Recognise how you feel emotionally, mentally and spiritually;
  • Take time out to reflect;
  • Try not to over analyse but try to pin point where and why you may be feeling despondent;
  • As you work through the process remember to be kind to yourself.

The key is to allow yourself to feel despondent and own your feelings. Relax and rest until you’re strong enough to move forward mentally. Always try to see tomorrow as another day for renewed optimism.

7 Dec, 2010

6 thoughts on “Despondency

  1. Good advice especially the part about being kind to yourself. Yes the feeling does go away but it takes time.

  2. As I think about this post, it’s occurring to me that I’ve had some episodes of this somewhere down the line — but I can’t remember when they were or what triggered them at this moment.

    I do wonder, now that I at least have an understanding of what it is, if people who are “different,” say those who have CP like you and I do, aren’t more prone to having episodes of this happen, than other people would be.

    1. David, I personally think it doesn’t matter what any of us deal with, if we’re not coping with what we have to deal with, episodes of despondency will be there regardless, although I do agree that the harder the illness, the more prone to despondent feelings we will have.

  3. Great points. I agree that being kind to yourself is very important. Sometimes we’re harder on ourselves than others are.

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