Doing our best

Doing our best means we do what we can as well as we can, in our personal lives, our work lives, in the political sphere, anywhere others rely on us and putting other people’s interests first.

When it comes to parenting, doing our best means putting our children first, so their needs are met. It is important to meet children’s physical, mental, and emotional needs. Where parents may over-protect, children may struggle to function.

Doing our best means we teach about values, perseverance, what hard work means and why it’s not a given we can have both all the time.

As parents, it is important to continue to do our best, so if children copy, they copy the best bits and capitalise on becoming a better version of themselves. Where we may make it easier for us, it becomes harder for them.

Children should be encouraged to work on themselves, on their own values, not what may be best for us. When we do our best as a parent, it means our children can become the best version of themselves, allowing them to function well.

It is important to be able to function well. In a world that is already struggling, we need it. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or a politician, and even if you’re not, doing our best means we put others first and that has never been so important.

4 Aug, 2021

2 thoughts on “Doing our best

  1. I have always wanted to do my best, but wasn’t encouraged to do so, let alone being shown how to.

    It annoys me when people try to tell me things like ‘your parents did the best that they could with what they had’ If they had done so, I wouldn’t have become the person that I never wanted to be.

    It’s hard not to dwell on what could have been, but I try very hard to focus on doing my best.

    1. That’s all you can do Randy. Unless someone walks a mile in your shoes, they can never know what you deal with.

      I actually believe that saying to be true, but that doesn’t mean their best is your best, and that’s where you can change it and do better. This is something that goes back through the generations.

      How your parents parents parented them, and how your parents parented you, is how you may parent, but how you may choose not to parent. Parents may often give us a reason not to parent that way.

      You’re a good guy. I hope in time your daughter picks up on what you have to give. You have only ever wanted to do and give of your best.

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