Eating Disorders Awareness

Eating Disorders Awareness Week this year starts on February 25th until March 3rd. The week is for organisations intend to dispel myths around the different disorders and how those disorders can be tackled.

In this week they hope to “break down the barriers” so that people will get the help people need. A UK Charity BEAT said that people often find it difficult to reach out because they ‘don’t always fit eating disorder stereotypes.’

They are hoping the Eating Disorders Awareness Week, will help get people’s stories out into the spotlight and highlight how eating disorders affect people from all backgrounds. It is important people stand together to demand the support that those affected need and deserve. Eating disorders and mental health can affect anyone.

Whilst weight loss is a key factor of an eating disorder, there are other factors we must consider. Hiding food, hoarding, rapid mood changes, hair loss, and excessive exercise should all act as alarm bells.

Things to look out for:

  • Has their behaviour drastically changed, or is it changing?
  • Do they often have a distorted view of their body size?
  • Are they obsessive with food?
  • Do they appear tired or do they struggle to concentrate?
  • Do they exercise excessively?
  • Do they disappear to the toilet after meals?

In the early stages of an eating disorder, many won’t show signs of weight loss. Eating disorders and mental health go hand in hand. It’s important that with the right help, both are tackled together.

2 Mar, 2019

2 thoughts on “Eating Disorders Awareness

  1. It is essential that we talk about conditions such as eating disorders as part of a much needed but ongoing change in attitude towards our mental health.

    You bringing it to our attention is an important part of that process.

    1. There are so many issues out there that need to continue to be addressed. I think society is doing better, but we still have a long way to go.

      We need to be listened to, for us to create positive change for a lot of people. If I can do my bit and add to what I do for myself with my blog and incorporate additional blogs like this one, then I’m happy.

      Having had the life I’ve had, I am well placed to understand the lack of support and frustrations centred around a conditions there is no help and support with.

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