Education -v- being worldly

Education opens the mind to new and exciting possibilities, but education isn’t necessarily about formal education. I didn’t quite tick the box on a formal education through no fault of mine, but still believe that just by living, failing and finding an understanding on living, we educate ourselves.

The more we open our mind to life and its possibilities, the more open we will be to learning. A worldly education allows us to see the world and understand the concept of life, in the way a book education can’t. A book education is about facts, but unless we have a clear understanding on how we can incorporate those facts into our daily lives, they will just stay facts.

An education to life, not to be confused with a formal education, makes us worldlier and less book read. The problem with school is that unless we put what we learn in school into practice, through understanding and practical experience, we will benefit very little from it.

So how does the life thing work?

Through understanding we educate ourselves enough to know what changes we need to make. We can be book versed and read, but that doesn’t help us in the world, unless we know how to live, communicate and address issues that need to be addressed.

It’s important we educate ourselves on the life thing and how the life thing works. That in the longer term, is more important than a formal education. We can be clever and book read, but being book read doesn’t make us wise or worldly.

On the contrary, a formal education can make life even more scary, if we don’t know how to put the formal education into practice.

18 Jun, 2017

2 thoughts on “Education -v- being worldly

  1. Education is a personal journey. From my experience university was the most amazing experience but it’s not for everyone so I don’t hold much importance to formal qualifications when forming a view about someone. One member of my family took the opposite view and put qualifications above all.

    What is important is a person’s values and those are not dependent on education but says a lot about a person’s core being. That’s what is important.

    1. Thanks. Yes, education is a personal journey, not only because of academia and our ability to function independently, education allows us to grow emotionally and that helps us function and get on in the world, beyond our education years.

      We can be educated and worldly if we work at being worldly, but sadly many fail to grasp the worldly bit. They’re either one or the other, but not both.

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