Ego and Privilege

The world is full of people with egos, who see themselves as privileged. Ego and privilege, when put together make an explosive combination.  Even those who proclaim to be spiritual are getting it wrong.

Take for instance, spiritual retreats. They sound lovely helping people find spiritualism, going beyond egoic thoughts, but often wonder about retreats and the formation of a spiritual ‘elite’ class. Not everyone can afford its price tag.

Retreats shouldn’t be a luxury, they should be open to everyone, with or without the means for them to pay. If Jesus were alive today, I couldn’t see him organising a spiritual retreat that would be only accessible to the middle or upper classes, to those with financial means.

Spiritualists are blind to their own practices. Spiritual development and meditation retreats are creating their own privileged class of spiritual people, people who are in a position to pay for such luxuries. When anyone asks for payment, it should be a token something people can afford to give.

When you provide a service that benefits others, unless it is a business, you can’t expect others to have to pay for the service you provide.


21 May, 2020

4 thoughts on “Ego and Privilege

  1. I was raised in a confusing world where we weren’t supposed to have much of an ego of our own, but then expected to behave like royalty on the other hand.

    The only way to describe it is that we were acting like ‘redneck royalty’ but most people saw us as poor white trash. That’s why I get annoyed when people expect me to treat them like royalty, but look down their nose at me at the same time.

    The current times with corona are a prime example of ego and privilege. There are people who think they are better than everyone else and refuse to follow the rules like the virus doesn’t apply to them.

    The saddest part is that they end up being the one who carry it to those who can least afford to end up getting it and they don’t really give a damn.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, just because someone thinks they are, doesn’t mean they are. Rest assured, the universe will always check and balance our actions. It knows us more than we know ourselves.

      Through the coronavirus, I hope we all come through better people. If it is teaching us one thing, it is to be more caring, more kind and more conciliatory.

      There is no excuse for us not to change the error of our ways. We must become better people through the other end.

  2. Underneath the ego and the privilege is a plastic life where people hide behind their status and sophisticated schemes. I know because I have rubbed elbows with these individuals, even dated a few.

    The most interesting thing I discovered is that privilege didn’t make them happy. Being invisible I saw that very closely.

    1. Your response is on point Tim. You’re absolutely right. The sad reality is these people don’t always wake up. Instead they continue to hide behind their veil of ‘status and sophistication’ and make their lives about everyone else.

      Being invisible is a good place to be. If you’re invisible for long enough, it allows you to observe other people, without participating in the process, teaching you ‘how exactly not to live your life.’

      You’ve summed up my life perfectly.

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