Ego & resistance to change

We know that the ego is a place where untruths prevent us from confronting reality, but when we take the ego away, we manoeuvre ourselves into reality. We work with our own thinking.

It is our reality that has the answers our ego doesn’t want us to confront. But working from the ego means we will continue to make excuses for the things we don’t want to do, preventing us from seeing our lives in its entirety. The ego is a defensive reaction that comes from our personal inadequacies.

It is the obstacles we put in our way that create the unconscious ego that makes us resistant to change. When we’re brutally honest with ourselves and we see our realities as they are, we free ourselves from the mental baggage from the ‘ego.’

The driving force behind our thinking is the ego, unless we choose to work from our conscious thinking. It takes practice for us to become self-aware, for us to work in the moment from our conscious thinking. It is important we work with our own thinking.

We will always do the right things when we work from our own thinking. Working from our own thinking allows us to work with universal values that will always present the truth to us.

When we work from our own thinking conscious, we have the ability to think and make decisions for ourselves, based on those universal values.

3 Sep, 2019

2 thoughts on “Ego & resistance to change

  1. I once worked in a practice with two directors and five other professional staff. One of the directors told me there was only room for one ego in the practice and that belonged to the other director. Boy did he like things run his way.

    I left within a couple of years, as did all the other staff including his co-director. I learnt a valuable lesson but I don’t think he ever did.

    1. Thanks. Yes, relationships are there to act as a support and for us to learn from them.

      When someone says, ‘there was only room for one ego in the practice’ it tells you about the man behind the ego, even before the ego has spoken.

      The reality is we either learn too late or not at all. We all need to work together for the greater good and for us continue to support one another.

      Whilst the ego works for itself, we will never look to change and in most circumstances will continue to resist change.

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