Ego versus intuition

The ego and intuition are at two ends of the spectrum and are complete opposites, like chalk and cheese. The ego is defined as a person’s sense of self-importance or self-esteem. Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively without the need for conscious reckoning.

There is a problem with the former and we should learn to embrace the latter. The ego is something that if left, may grow into something bigger that will overtake our conscious thinking, as the ego talks for us. The two voices are direct opposites and will never work well together.

Unfortunately, those with an inflated ego tend to have self-righteous tendencies too. They don’t see their own shortcomings, but will be just as quick to point out other people’s shortcomings and flaws. Where the ego prompts people to compete so they won’t be outdone by each other, intuition is solely based on an internal knowing and is nothing like the ego.

Although working off our intuition brings about greater awareness and emotional growth, it may cause others to feel threatened, by seeing us as a know it all, but that’s further from the truth and usually comes from them not knowing how the intuition works.

Having intuition can produce scepticism in others and often does. Some may be put off by just how much we know and will choose to ignore what we say, but for those who continue to work with their intuition, they will always have a greater understanding that will make them more knowledgeable, as well as help solve every day issues.

For those like me with intuitive skills, we will always be misjudged until others choose to perceive us differently. It’s not right or fair, when anyone chooses to perceive what we say with skepticism, intuitive or not.

18 May, 2016

4 thoughts on “Ego versus intuition

  1. Wow, yes, there is a very big difference! I had to use my intuition to survive as a child, so ego wasn’t as important.

    My ego never fully developed like those who have a chance to do so growing up. I have spent most of my life not really knowing who I was as a result. I didn’t really think very much of myself, which people took full advantage of when they wanted something from me.

    I was forced as a child to also ignore my intuition, which is one main reason I kept getting involved with the worst kind of people. My ‘picker’ was broken by the very people who were supposed to help me figure out how to use it appropriately.

    I have also had to deal with someone very close to me who has a very inflated ego, who doesn’t see their own faults and has no trouble pointing out mine! I am very self-critical already, so this doesn’t help matters any, on me trying to develop my ego.

    There are a lot of things that I do know how to do, but so many that I don’t, due to no one ever really showing me how to do them. People can be very cruel and judgmental in these cases. I may be numb but I’m not quite as stupid as a lot of people seem to think me to be!

    I am able to use my intuition to be able to survive in life, by making it seem like I know what I’m doing, but there eventually comes a time when I have to admit that I don’t.

    What I do know is that there are a lot of people who aren’t quite as great as they think they are! They expect people to worship the ground they walk on, which is one thing I refuse to do.

    I was treated that way when I was a child by the very people who were supposed to be treating us like family, which we were. They thought they were so much better than us, because they had money and treated us like poor white trash.

    I did have a tiny amount of pride and dignity so being treated that way today still really bothers me. Now I have to work on figuring out why it is that I keep ending up associating with those people who treat me that way and why I actually put up with it!

    1. Thanks Randy. We put up with it because we often have no choice and don’t know how to change things. That doesn’t make it right or fair, it just makes it what it is, until of course we manage to turn things around.

      I think our intuition is more important than the ego. In a way you’re lucky you didn’t develop your ego, because deep down you have more understanding of your life than the ego would allow. The ego doesn’t ‘get’ the life thing. The ego lives in the moment, for the moment, speaking for us, without us speaking for ourselves.

      I appreciate the scenario you describe around family issues aren’t great and you deserve better Randy, but what it has done is allow you to see exactly how you yourself don’t want to be or act and that’s a good lesson. I believe we get what we’re given, for reasons not always open to us at the time, but over our lifetime we eventually come to understand why.

      You’re lovely as you are Randy. You’re bright, sensitive, caring and most of all understanding. Your experiences have shown you that. Your intuition has also given you that.

  2. The ego is something we hide behind, before life taps our shoulder and makes us honest. But intuition sharpens our senses and advises us, even though the advice is sometimes murky and not always accurate.

    But if I followed my intuition half the time, I wouldn’t be in half the trouble I’m in.

    1. Thanks Tim. From my own experience I believe it’s more our understanding that’s a little bit murky.

      It takes practice at reading between the lines, looking for the things that are left unsaid, understanding our inner thoughts and getting those back accurately, but believe that once we’ve mastered them; it becomes a way of life we’re reluctant to give up.

      I absolutely agree with your final paragraph. When we follow our intuition, we’re following what I call the universal truth and that keeps us grounded and out of trouble.

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