Embracing change

Change has to happen if we are to allow for spiritual and emotional growth. Throughout our lives, we will either welcome and learn to embrace change, or we will spend our lives avoiding it, in the hope that we may never have to make decisions that incorporate change.

The irony is that we can never avoid change, it comes whether we embrace it or not. Change is hard because we emulate and follow patterns from our childhood that we don’t stop to question or try to understand. If we’re not encouraged to think outside the box, we will find it hard to change.

Change also creates uncertainty. It is human nature to want to go against the things that bring us more uncertainty and apprehension. To deal with change we must be confident and open to the possibilities of change.

Being open not only helps us have more understanding, but more understanding helps us embrace change. When we get to a place where we feel we need a change, then we are ready to think about and embrace change. We’re at our most confident when we’re well past our teenage years, but it tends to decline later on, as we age.

There are people who don’t embrace change, primarily because they’re less open to new experiences, because they’re afraid of the potential chaos that change may bring to their daily routines. For us to think about change, we must fundamentally change our attitude towards change. Not to means we may never change our thinking, presently or otherwise.

It is often our attitude that keeps us stuck and set in our ways. When we open our mind to life and its possibilities, we are more likely to embrace the concept of change and change itself, because we will want to change. Change is a mindset thing.

1 Oct, 2016

4 thoughts on “Embracing change

  1. I used to have a problem embracing change until I realized that resisting change was like struggling against the wind.

    I guess I didn’t want change to look too hard at me and tamper with my anxiety.

    1. Your first paragraph is spot on Tim. The irony is that life brings about anxiety whether we embrace change or not.

      I would rather work through change and try to deal with anxiety than stagnate, particularly when we resist change, want to change but not know how to go about change.

      Emotionally, that in itself will bring about anxiety. Perhaps our anxiety is already there. There will always be something that we have to deal with tips us over the edge, in terms of anxiety.

  2. This is great! To me, it explains why people can have high anxiety and uncertainties in life.

    I knew a man, that hated change. He told me he can’t function at all when things are different. Change can be a scary Thing, or sometimes a blessing. I believe change is a lot of the battle we deal with daily on earth.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes, unfortunately even through our battles we will still end up with having to deal with change. Everything is fluid and moves on. We have to be able to move on with it.

      What you have described Bonnie I believe to be true. I also know of someone who doesn’t like change. Although there seems to be a common theme around people’s inability to change, I think it too important to ignore.

      I think your first paragraph is absolutely true. We have more anxiety trying to deal with the thought of change, than we would do with change itself.

      As you say change can be scary, because it takes us from the familiar to the unfamiliar and that always brings about apprehension and uncertainties; and those create the anxiety we feel.

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