Emotional barriers

Emotional barriers are the emotions we put up to protect ourselves from the outside world. It’s a place that keeps our emotions in check.

Whilst our emotions are powerful motivators, and they can help keep us out of danger, by us acting on them, if left unchecked they can also lead us astray. In some circumstances, emotional barriers are there to protect us, but without dealing with our emotions, they will expose us even more.

It depends on what you’re dealing with, or why you’re putting barriers up in the first place. Some of us may be emotionally unaware we are putting boundaries up, others may know but find it easier not to have to deal with how they feel.

Emotions are important, dealing with emotions even more so. Barriers are due to a lack of control and that depends on how much control you had as a small child. By us better understanding how we feel, we will communicate with others more effectively in our everyday lives.

Anger is another emotion that if allowed to continue will affect the way our brain processes information, meaning we’re less likely to be able to solve problems efficiently and effectively. It also means we’re less likely to reject other people’s explanation or solutions.

Anger alienates those around us. It will also make others feel scared, hurt and defensive when our anger is directed at them. Anxiety can also cause us to struggle with every day life and avoid certain situations.

It will also hold us back when we fail to meet new challenges and if not dealt with, will impact our ability to think clearly and constructively. We must all work on our emotional wellbeing.

16 Mar, 2020

2 thoughts on “Emotional barriers

  1. They have been the things that have kept me paralysed and unable to make any decisions for myself, which my parents brainwashed me into thinking was normal.

    I wasn’t supposed to think, act or feel anything on my own, which has been the bane of my existence. It has been very frustrating for me, seeing as I have watched so many people do pretty much whatever they pleased, without as much as a second thought and no real consequences.

    Every time I try to be that way it gets me into trouble. For me, it seems to be finding that happy medium seeing as it can’t always be ‘all or nothing’ in life.

    1. Thanks Randy. Existence isn’t about ‘just doing what we want’ although it may seem that way, but the cosmos is made up of rules, like institutions we have come to know, not so much love.

      Not everyone who does ‘pretty much of whatever they please’ will find their life works out. If like me you work by the universal ‘rules of law’ you will know that isn’t always the case.

      We are all accountable in this life. We will all face hardships, in addition to the emotional barriers we place on ourselves.

      From the outset, we can’t know what others get to deal with, but I take heart from knowing I do what’s right and that helps me exist in my life comfortably. We can’t concern ourselves with others.

      Dealing with anxiety is difficult. When we come from a place of stress and anxiety, it’s easy to put those emotional barriers up. Rest assured we’re all answerable and accountable. It’s just how it is.

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