Emotional detachment

Without incorporating emotional boundaries between those we have come to rely on, they will start to take advantage.

It may not be something they wittingly do, but we must recognise our need to be healthy even if that means we must emotionally detach. It’s not up to us to fix, heal or change others, but we do need to accept that people, from time to time may use toxic behaviour towards us.

We also need to detach, without carrying the burden of separation or guilt. We will then need to implement boundaries so that we can start to make our own decisions, away from those we have detached from.

It is important we learn to minimise the emotional impact other people have on us. It may be that once we take control, we won’t feel the need to detach any more. We tend to stay attached to others, when we have little to no confidence in ourselves, or we fail to believe in our abilities, or ourselves.

7 Mar, 2011

8 thoughts on “Emotional detachment

  1. I agree with Randy, there are many good points in today’s blog.

    I had to read it a few times to take it all in; but I guess what you’re saying is that we are responsible for ourselves and we not have to let others dictate our lives for us. I certainly agree with that.

  2. It’s definitely something that develops over time.

    I’ve been very good at detaching from the way I grew up, but I’m trying to stay beyond that now.

    I have to try and remember that I’m responsible for my own life and have the ability to control my own life.

    1. Randy, emotional detachment can develop over time, but we are the ones who can develop it.

      I believe that once you get to the stage where you are aware that you are able to detach so that you are in control of your thoughts and feelings, the more you will feel in control of your life.

      We detach because we feel the need to detach. You will work it through as you go along. Thank you for posting.

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