Emotional events unprocessed

When emotional events are unprocessed in childhood, then viewed as an adult they will always be seen from a child’s point of view. As long as those emotional events remain unprocessed, they will stay unprocessed.

But it is important that we deal with all experiences in childhood so that as we grow, we understand our experiences enough so that our perceptions will change. The idea is that we start seeing emotional events through an adult’s perspective.

It is also important we deal with emotional events in childhood because if left unprocessed, those responses will start to appear from nowhere. We could be playing a song on the radio that triggers a memory, with an emotion we were feeling when we heard the tune. Low points are also known to bring back emotional events that we have failed to process.

Also, experiences in our early years bring up a lot of unprocessed emotions that we won’t always know were harbouring. They’re there, it’s important we acknowledge them. Emotional responses will always feel daunting until such a time we emotionally work through them and we must.

When we come to understand why an event or experience happens, it’s easier for us to accept it and move on. It is our understanding of something that shifts our perceptions that puts us into a much healthier place. But we must have an open-mind otherwise our thoughts will remain locked.

Any unprocessed emotional event from our past that we don’t deal with will always be part of our present. The irony is that most of us emotionally live in the past with emotional events that we’ve not processed, but physically live in the present.

7 Mar, 2019

2 thoughts on “Emotional events unprocessed

  1. That is pretty much what I have. A whole childhood of unprocessed emotional events, so it’s no wonder I have such a hard time staying in the present.

    Chronologically I may be 50 years old, but mentally I’m still trapped in the past and think like a child of 11 or 12 years old at best. That’s when I started partying. I tried very hard to escape from the realities of my life by drinking and drugging, but it only made things worse in the long-run.

    If it wasn’t that it was getting involved in toxic relationships, which has been my biggest downfall. I have wasted far too much time focusing on other people’s issues, so now I need to focus on me and not worry about others, who don’t give a damn about me or my life.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, I get that. I’ve also had that. I was carrying too many issues. It is what prompted me to find out about my disability. Where others don’t have our back it’s important we do what’s best for us.

      Sadly, all unprocessed issues will present in later life. No one is free of avoiding them. In time, unaddressed issues will simply get bigger and more distorted, as we become more bitter.

      Although it’s not always easy to work through our issues from childhood, I believe it’s something we should all do.

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