Emotional ties

Emotions and keeping ourselves emotionally and physically well, means different things to different people, but perhaps it also means working towards a better lifestyle, with the right amount of exercise, without excessively over-doing it.

But without our emotions intact we will surely struggle. We have to be able to emotionally manage so that we can cope with our lives. Past experiences play a huge part in what we deal with as far as our health is concerned, although we tend not to equate the two.

When we deal with past experiences and any ’emotional ties’ we’re not comfortable with, we will limit illness. There are suggestions that the mind can have an influence on how the body reacts to emotional thoughts. Therefore, learning how to deal with the mind and looking at different lifestyle approaches for support is important.

A more open approach will bring about a better outcome. Approaches that encourage less emotional pain and illness. Some of us may choose to look at beliefs, self-healing and complementary therapies as a means of understanding our emotions and how they work. Others may simply continue to look to others for support.

But self-healing used as a means of becoming whole or complete, is even more important if we are to understand those emotional ties.

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26 Aug, 2010

4 thoughts on “Emotional ties

  1. I agree with you totally. Our emotional health does affect our physical health. If someone is ill, they tend to heal better and faster if they are positive.

    Also our past definitely affects us. We just need to learn to deal with our emotional and mental health just as much as our physical health. Our emotional health may be the answer to our physical problems.

    1. Lisa our emotional health is the answer to our physical problems, but not all our physical problems can be sorted through our mental health. It depends what we’re dealing with.

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