Emotional ties/2

Our daily lives, together with past emotions leave us open and more vulnerable to more stress and illness.

For example, going through a divorce, problems at work, or dealing with an abusive partner. Although we put some of those down to stress, we can also get stressed through life changing experiences like having a baby or moving house.

Unfortunately, illness cannot always be cured through positive thinking that obviously depends on the illness. Someone with a cough or a cold and who has a positive attitude will heal a lot quicker, than someone who is predisposed to negativity with the same symptoms. This has been well documented over the years.

There are also other reasons why we may become ill, such as environmental, dietary, genetic and hereditary dispositions. Obviously, it depends on the predisposition, whether the link is genetic or not, like carrying a gene that holds a predisposed condition, such as breast cancer that cannot be changed.

An unhealthy lifestyle can also be a contributing factor to illness, but can be prevented even with family history. A relevant example might be a predisposition to being overweight, leading to diabetes that may successfully be addressed through a better diet and lifestyle.

27 Aug, 2010

4 thoughts on “Emotional ties/2

  1. I agree with everything you’ve mentioned. We can definitely help ourselves get well and sometimes prevent illness by doing positive things. A positive diet is number one on my list of things that will prevent some things.

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