Emotions and decisions

Because emotions dictate some of the decisions we make, it is important we don’t rush into or make permanent decisions we can’t change, unless we’re totally happy with our decision. For us to successfully do that, we must be aware of how we feel in the moment.

Our emotions interpret, appraise and justify our experiences through the gut, which trigger feelings that we become aware of, which we respond on. Sadly, the thoughts that are stored in our unconscious also form part of that scenario, although we won’t always consciously be aware that those thoughts are the driving force behind some of the decisions we make.

It is the unconscious mind that deals with negative experiences and it’s the negative experiences that resurface, which then become the driving force behind some of our everyday decisions. When we are in touch with our emotions that are stored in our unconscious, we won’t allow our emotions through past experiences, to dictate our moods or everyday decisions.

We need to think about the decisions we make a little more carefully. Making the right decisions will always depend on our understanding, interpretation and how we’re feeling at the time we come to make our decisions.

Always make your decisions around clarity, checking in periodically on your emotions. As they say, situations are always temporary and decisions permanent, therefore a temporary fleeting moment around a mood that fits our emotions, could soon make any decision we make more permanent.

The bottom line is always making sure your decisions are based on your present thinking and not a decision that is dictated by your emotions, or your past.

20 Sep, 2017

6 thoughts on “Emotions and decisions

  1. This reminds me of decisions made thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Too many decisions are based on that, I’m really guilty of that too.

    It’s hard because we can make decisions for the welfare of our loved ones and ourselves and get it mixed up, assuming it’s better, instead of really researching what’s better and what seems better. I have that challenge quite often.

    1. Yes it’s not easy making decisions because we’re always afraid we’re making the wrong one, do we take path A or path B? I personally don’t believe any decision is wrong, because if we choose path A that becomes our destiny, otherwise we would have taken path B and then that would have become our destiny; if that makes sense.

      Too many times when we’re stressed or have other people interfere that’s when making decisions get harder. I think it’s important we think about things ourselves without outside interfere or distraction.

      Sadly, those things can interfere with our ability to get the job done; to make a decision.

  2. I tend to think soberly when I’m not in a hurry to make a mistake. So I review my thoughts slowly while being entirely uncertain, at first.

    Then I try to isolate the solution by removing the graffiti in my mind, that takes time and a whole lot of discipline. After that I’m ready to make a decision.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, you’re right. Decisions need time. Then we need to understand how. We all have different ways of making decisions.

      The way I make a decision may not work for others, in the same way you make decisions may not work for others also.

      Decision making is very much down to the individual. Sometimes it’s also taught. But it also has to be what works for us.

      It has to be at a time when we’re feeling good about ourselves and things.

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