Energetic Healing

Energy healing is defined as an aspect of complementary and alternative medicine. The energy field known as the ‘aura’ comprises a number of layers that not only surround us, but spread or flow throughout our cells and bodies.

The different layers of the aura have a different purpose. Our mind is made up of two parts, the conscious part (the part that in computer terms) is the ‘hardware’ and the aura which is the ‘software.’ They work together. The aura stores our memories, everything that has ever happened to us, not just on this plane, but long before we enter our physical bodies.

It is also responsible for our immune system. Disturbances of the Integrated Energy Fields and Internal Energy Fields are a precursor to illness and disease and problems with our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Therefore, how the aura functions, is vital for good health and wellbeing.

Trauma, mental and emotional stress, physical distress, false belief systems and environmental stress are blocks that can interfere with our personal growth that if left, become stored in our energy fields, impacting our ability to function at optimum level, therefore failing to reach our full potential.

Energetic healing allows for the healing process to begin, by repairing, re-balancing and clearing blocks in our energy fields so that our bodies can realign and re-balance, therefore healing itself. Energetic healing can also identify issues before they manifest as pain in the physical body.

It alerts us to our consciousness, to the areas we need to work on, so that we can heal and re-balance and so that we can maintain health, vitality and harmony.

Source: https://www.healingenergy.com.au

6 Feb, 2020

2 thoughts on “Energetic Healing

  1. It’s probably true to say that every human has things in their psyche that could do with healing.

    Ive read that rather it being a sign of weakness, those who decide to be honest with themselves, and who choose to do the work to heal, are the warriors of the world.

    We must all be willing to look at our own faults and be able to find a way to move forward without pretending our faults don’t exist.

    1. Thanks. I absolutely agree with that. Yes, we all have a psyche that needs healing. No one is free of issues.

      First, we must accept and come to terms with the fact that we may need help. As you say it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength and is to be admired.

      If we don’t accept we have faults, we’re not helping ourselves. We all have faults, we’re flawed. We must accept we have faults and look at a ways of challenging ourselves to deal with our faults.

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