Environmental Consciousness

We must consciously think about our planet and the ‘universe’ as we go about our daily lives, think about global warming and how we’re contributing to problems with the planet; we must do more.

We must consciously think about things as we’re doing them. For example, do you remember to switch your outside house light off when you go to bed? Do you really need to wash your wool jumper in the washing machine by itself?

Do you remember to turn the light off when you’re leaving a room? It may be a mental block more than a bugbear, but it’s something we must remember to do. In the same token, we must be more environmentally friendly.

We must use less paper and recycle more; make sure we’re using the right light bulbs; choose cloth over paper; use canvas bags instead of using plastic, eat less meat; use a compost bin for food waste; reduce water waste; live a greener life; and do without one more luxury.

These are things we never think about, but they affect us all and our planet. They are things that we need to continually think about and focus on, or they will affect our children and their children’s future. We must be more selfless, less selfish.

2 Nov, 2019

4 thoughts on “Environmental Consciousness

  1. Changing our attitude towards the environment is perhaps our greatest challenge. All it takes is effort.

    I believe that nothing that is not loved and cared for can survive, that includes our planet.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, ‘I believe that nothing that is not loved and cared for can survive, that includes our planet.’ You’re right.

      But as you say all it takes is effort. We must all make the effort, think about our lifestyle and how we can do our bit to save our planet.

      Without effort on our part our habitat will cease.

  2. Well said, Tim. I believe we are at an environmental crossroads but fear that greed and politics will blind us from taking the right path.

    1. I agree and it’s a concern of mine. Scientists can’t stress it enough, it’s up to us to take heed.

      We must, we’re already running out of time to act. We must act.

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