Family disputes

When it comes to family, disputes aren’t easy to navigate. Too much water under the bridge and working together seems near to impossible. But where issues cause conflict and conflicts are not always easily resolved, arguments may ensue and resentments set in.

Disagreements are normal. We may not always agree. Occasional disagreements are part of family life. We won’t always agree on everything. But where conflict happens and family struggle to manage their feelings, they may become intentionally aggressive, hurtful and in some cases violent.

When conflicts happen, standing back and communicating positively helps reduce conflict so that we can mediate successfully. Conflict doesn’t have to result in fall-outs. We can all agree to disagree, or agree to compromise. We have a right to our opinions, but we don’t have a right to inflict our opinions on others.

Conflicts happen when parents raise their children to be clones of them, instead of allowing them to map out their own futures. And as long as children aren’t causing themselves harm, parents should be okay with their choices.

Disputes can be avoided, by allowing siblings to grow and encourage each other, to become their best selves, not work against one another.

12 Mar, 2020

2 thoughts on “Family disputes

  1. When it comes to family, I’ve seen my share of arguments and resentment. Looking back, I should have paid more attention to the mental state of my siblings, instead of my emotions.

    There will always be regret on my face as it pertains to one of my sisters. As for my brother, I will be chained to that idiot forever.

    1. Thanks Tim. Potentially difficult, you were a child. It was your parents’ job to look after you and your siblings, it wasn’t your job.

      Your sister would never blame you, or want you to blame yourself. We can only help and look after ourselves. Whatever is going on with your brother, unless he’s not capable mentally, he must change things for himself.

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