Feeling isolated

As children, I’m not sure we understand feelings of isolation, or that’s what we feel. But without the emotional support, we may all feel isolated from time to time.

Emotional isolation can also occur through institutions like school, or social isolation, where we feel mentally separated from others, even if we have a well-functioning social network.

Negative past experiences brought into a relationship, will be the trigger of negative thoughts and feelings and will add to relationship problems. We may feel isolated and will withdraw emotionally. We may find it difficult to say how we feel.

Anyone can be in a relationship and still feel they’re on their own. They feel lonely, because they feel isolated, because others don’t understand. Loneliness is a feeling, we feel lonely because something triggers a memory that makes us feel alone, not because we’re feeling lonely, or isolated.

The brain will always try to make sense of the feeling, and as a result we may start to ask ourselves questions, but the theories about why we’re feeling lonely or isolated, may often become confused with the facts.

For people like me who deal with a disability, being isolated is parr for the course. It’s the nature of what a disability does. Add Autism into the mix, and I am completely isolated.

15 Jul, 2019

2 thoughts on “Feeling isolated

  1. I didn’t receive any great amount of emotional support from my parents, I felt isolated pretty much from the beginning.

    I also figured out that it wasn’t such a bad thing, as my mother spent most of her time trying to brainwash me, so being invisible was a good thing.

    I felt very isolated in my last relationship but that was because my ex-girlfriend treated me very poorly. Nothing I did was good enough for her.

    After many years I got used to spending my time alone. It would be great and easier if I could connect with other people, but I don’t imagine it being that way anytime soon.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, you’re definitely a good guy Randy. It’s easier short term to ignore people like your ex, but long term it’s never easy.

      Isolating ourselves for short periods, helps us understand our life from the inside out, but it’s not so easy to do that when you’re in the thick of it.

      From what you say Randy, it sounds as though you eventually drew your own conclusions on your relationship, and you called time. That’s great.

      Sometimes we just need a steely determination to say ‘enough is enough.’ It usually comes when we’re at our wits end. If isolating ourselves helps with that, then I’m all for it.

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