Feelings of isolation

Feelings of isolation isn’t just us feeling physically isolated. We can have people around us and still feel emotionally isolated.

But however, or why you’re feeling isolated, it is important you understand why. Think about what is causing you to have feelings of isolation. Is it something in your past, is something happening around you? Is it something you’re not mentally aware of? Are others making you feel less inclusive?

A lot of our feelings come from inside, within us. Isolation isn’t something that just happens. How we’re brought up is very much the catalyst for how we feel about ourselves, in life generally and in our relationships.

For anyone feeling isolated, it is important you bring and spend time with those who bring out the best in you, those who are happy to support and be around you. A lot of how we feel is because of what others expose us to.

Feelings of isolation is always something we will continue to grapple with until we deal with what is causing us to have feelings of isolation.

30 Aug, 2019

2 thoughts on “Feelings of isolation

  1. I have felt isolated for most of my life since we were thrown to the wolves as children and the only way to survive was to learn how to be invisible while spending most of our time alone.

    We were brainwashed into depending on our parents who weren’t very dependable. We were expected to behave like secret agents and not share anything with anyone which made it even more difficult.

    It made it near to impossible to live any kind of normal life, which I am only now learning how to do. I want to make the best and enjoy my life.

    1. Yes, although our life has been different it’s also been similar in many respects. I understand your struggles.

      Although it’s no consolation, being in the same position as your siblings meant your siblings struggles will have been your struggles, but hopefully through time and understanding, you can begin to feel less isolated.

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