Fighting our corner

We spend our lives fighting our corner, having to defend ourselves through conversations that have taken place, where we’re told what to do, or given a fait accompli. You get the picture.

It stems from a lifetime growing up, in families, through sibling rivalry, miscommunication, a society that expects conformity, with us being coerced into thinking and believing what we’re told.

It would be great to think others have our backs if we needed it that they’d be okay with our decisions, but that isn’t always the case. Others aren’t always forthcoming, the help isn’t always there and it often comes at a cost, then we end up having to fight our corner on our own and that’s something we’d still need to be prepared for.

Although fighting our corner can be hard and stressful at times, sometimes it’s the easiest way to find peace. If we’re bothered about having to fight our corner, that comes with numerous complications and consequences. It’s just better to be okay with it, sometimes it’s easier that way.

21 Oct, 2016

4 thoughts on “Fighting our corner

  1. I like this blog. It reminds me of you Ilana; in your corner, fighting everything and everyone who envelopes you.

    But with your free hand, you have fought your way into places you thought were strictly forbidden; you have a pretty tough corner.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’ve pretty much summed up my life. I’m not sure how productive I would have been had I not have continually defended myself or fought my corner.

      Would The CP Diary been a part of that equation? No I believe not. Without defending myself, without fighting my corner, without my understanding, I may never have got to this place.

      The diary is a culmination of my experiences through doing just that.

      1. I agree Ilana. I believe that reading the Diary reduces our risk of throwing in the towel and giving up on things.

        The most important thing to know is that we’re in your corner with you, as you are always with us.

        1. This makes my day. I’m delighted to hear Tim. You have summed up the rationale behind my site beautifully. Thank you.

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