Finding a niche

Every now and again what we have to deal with acts as a gentle reminder of our life and that often gets in the way.

For me a life without Cerebral Palsy would have meant I wouldn’t be writing for The CP Diary now. I was meant to have and deal with Cerebral Palsy. I would have wanted to know sooner that this was what I was dealing with, but I still believe Cerebral Palsy and The CP Diary is my niche.

We all have a niche. Unfortunately, we’re not always aware what that niche is, or we’re aware but it’s too difficult, or we don’t have the confidence, or someone else is responsible for us not fulfilling it. For many years someone else was responsible for me not fulfilling any role let alone this one, but that all changed when I found out what I had been dealing with for all of those years.

The sad reality for some of us is that we will never understand or get to find our niche. As we go about our lives, we will either take on another person’s life, with a role that doesn’t fulfill our own potential, or we will continue to make excuses for not fulfilling any niche, regardless of how our life starts out.

I honestly believe we must at least try to understand and aspire to change our path regardless of where we find ourselves and find out what our niche is. Life is too short to live without at least trying.

13 Aug, 2014

4 thoughts on “Finding a niche

  1. I agree, many will go through life never really finding a role for ourselves and many not even realising we have a role.

    It’s all about fulfilling our potential and a life unfulfilled really is a shame, but only if that in itself is a problem. I know many people who wouldn’t understand this if I explained it in words of one syllable.

    They live in their own little world, not really seeing anything beyond their ‘front door.’ I used to want to shake them and scream at them to wake up, but I have learned that is not up to me to do it, but it is up to them.

    I believe we can all change our lives but we have to understand that first.

    1. I think you’re right. Even with explanation people won’t always understand the concept. I know one or two people myself who live their life this way and although it can be frustrating, it’s not something we can change for them.

      As you say, it’s up to them not up to us. Your last paragraph resonates with me. Yes I believe we can all change our lives. Understanding our life and looking at the bigger picture is the first step.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes this is something I have always believed, but it isn’t easy to know. From my experience, it usually comes when we least expect it.

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