Finding an understanding

I spend my life looking for understanding, because without understanding I struggle. That when we come to understand what we’re dealing with we take away the confusion and bring in more clarity.

Without understanding, we limit our vision and the possibilities of how our lives can potentially turn out. Without understanding, our capacity to learn becomes limited, without understanding knowledge becomes meaningless and without knowledge, we go into our experiences with even more limited understanding.

It is only through our understanding that we bring about balanced and measured answers on everything we have to deal with.

12 Aug, 2015

4 thoughts on “Finding an understanding

  1. I agree. When we have understanding we must be able to better address the issues we come across that require our resolution and bring about the needed change.

    I think many of us don’t take the time to stand back and actually seek understanding, as it is easier just to carry on in our own little way without striving to see the bigger picture.

    Developing an understanding helps us grow.

    1. Thank you. Yes you’re right. In the short term it always seems easier of course, but in the longer term it becomes a lot more difficult.

      I think if more of us thought about that, we’d work to seek more understanding on some things at least.

  2. Many of us look around in our manicured lives and try to twist our existence into some kind of understanding and something meaningful. Yet it seems that everybody is watching everybody instead of looking inward for reasons why we individually exist in the first place.

    My understanding is that I don’t understand, but I’m always looking for that gentle reminder that I’m here for a reason other than myself.

    1. From your many responses Tim, I know you understand.

      Perhaps the majority of us do know, but we choose to turn the other cheek because that would mean we’d have to put ourselves out to do. Perhaps it’s just easier not to. Just a thought.

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