Finding clarity

We may not always have clarity, but we can work on finding clarity. Clarity isn’t a gift, it’s something we create for ourselves. When we come to understand why someone does something, we will have clarity.

Clarity helps us make a decision. But to have clarity we must be open and responsive to our experiences. We must also be open and responsive to our intuition and our inner voice because both bring clarity.

When we have clarity, we will always feel calm, self-assured and positive. But finding clarity isn’t always easy to do, because other people’s opinions may get in the way. Thoughts we believe to be true may also get in the way of us seeing things clearly.

Finding clarity is open to all of us. We will have clarity when we take back control and understand our reasoning behind our decisions. Also, when we are able to recognise and continue to listen to our inner voice, we will find clarity. We will also find and live with clarity, when we stop concentrating on the expectations other people place on us.

Knowing just how you wish your life to go also gives you clarity. If you’re tied into something and you’re feeling stressed about it, untie yourself and don’t feel obligated, because you will have less clarity in those times.

You’re entitled to change your mind, but you may still feel obligated because you’re letting someone down. You’re not letting someone down, but you will be letting yourself down, if it’s not something you want to go through.

5 Oct, 2020

2 thoughts on “Finding clarity

  1. I do not like surprises or any attempt to offer me something that doesn’t exist. There are too many clever people out there.

    So I need clarity on just about everything to avoid misunderstandings.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, as you say, clarity clears situations and circumstances up and helps us to avoid misunderstandings.

      Sometimes reading between the lines helps, understanding our lives and understanding others also helps.

      Although we may all find clarity differently, it’s an important one to have, because without it we will struggle to function in our ‘own normal.’

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