Finding happiness

The best way to find happiness, is to release the thought process that ties us into certain situations that don’t work for us. Once we’ve done that we can then decide whether we continue to go down that path or not.

The key is not to care so much. Too often people will tell you they care and yet their actions don’t support their words. It took me too long to equate that in my own life, but unless people come to care about themselves, they won’t or can’t care about others. We look to seek happiness in things, more than we do in each other.

We also look to find an acceptance in others and believe that finding that will bridge the gap in our happiness. We sabotage our lives and ourselves in our misunderstanding in how to find happiness. Happiness isn’t something you find, it isn’t something tangible, it’s something you are. People can’t make us happy unless we’re happy in ourselves. If we’re happy in ourselves, others will always bring out the best in us.

Our search for happiness is the single, greatest cause of misery for many of us, as we continue to try to be something we’re not. We look to others for happiness instead of working and looking to ourselves. We hold on to people’s words as if our lives depended on it, instead of relying on our own words, what we tell ourselves.

We believe what people tell us instead of listening to ourselves, our wants and needs. When we get rid of the baggage that weighs us down and we start thinking about what we want and what’s right for us, we will find what makes us happy.

Happiness starts from within, not something we can just invent. We don’t just wake up one day happy, we must work at being happy and we can start by just caring about ourselves, with the things and people that matter.

12 Feb, 2017

4 thoughts on “Finding happiness

  1. If we only achieve one thing in life, then surely finding happiness should be that one thing; as long as we don’t make ourselves and those around us miserable in the process. We owe ourselves happiness.

    1. Thank you. Yes, the road to being happy isn’t an easy one, but it would be easy to make others miserable in the process. I believe happiness is a work-in-progress, not something we can or will achieve quickly, but we all have a right to be happy in our lives.

      It is often other people who come into our lives, who make us feel unhappy and miserable; depending on their point of view.

  2. My life became much easier when I came down off my high horse and related to simplicity. Everything I’ve done or failed to do I’ve reconciled with; that’s were my happiness began.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, the key as you say is simplicity. When we simplify our life, reconcile and make peace with our past, I believe we can start to find happiness.

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