Finding inner calm

Working towards inner-calm is something we must continue to do daily, but it’s not something that can be afforded to us, without us having to work at it.

Inner-calm represents an inner quietness that allows us to see ourselves just as we are, enabling us to be more accepting of our faults, likes and dislikes as well as other people’s faults. A journey of self-discovery and understanding is all that is needed. We know we’re calm when the mind is free of aggression, free of simple frustrations and stressful tendencies.

Inner-calm allows us to seek out the simple pleasures in life. People who possess these qualities are usually able to handle difficult situations, with a knowing that those situations will eventually pass. They are also more aware and accepting of themselves and will usually take things in their stride.

We will find inner-calm when we stop passing judgment and stop drawing ourselves into conflict, or putting conflict out. Following a more spiritual path paves the way for us to achieve inner-calm. Managing it means we will have a more peaceful demeanor about us. Something we should all be striving for.

Inner-calm also allows us to have a deep appreciation of the world and what everything means. It also means we will have empathy, compassion, and tolerance, which enables us to be kind to others.

8 Feb, 2012

6 thoughts on “Finding inner calm

  1. I’ve been trying to work on finding inner calm which is very helpful in reducing the amount of stress in my life.

    It also helps that I’m not around the same type of people I used to associate with who were highly stressed and chaotic. It’s very nice to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin with not so much noise in my head!

    1. I agree with you Randy. It’s important to have people round you who elevate you rather than stress you out.

      It’s great that you haven’t got so much noise in your head. I’m pleased about that.

  2. I know inner calm and peace starts with ourselves, but I find that outside influences also are so important.

    It’s difficult to find any sort of peace if we are surrounded by negative influences and it’s difficult to cut yourself from everyone, however attractive that seems at times!

    1. I agree that good outside influences are important. Of course it is hard to cut ourselves off completely from being around negative people, but that’s the way it should be.

      I had a lot of negativity as a child growing up, but now I have a lot more positivity because I choose to be around positive people.

      There is also an element of feeling bad about moving on from people whose influences are negative, but in my opinion it’s the only way we can have inner calm and from my experience, it works.

  3. I have more inner calm than I used to. I’m also more in tune with my religious beliefs. I think meditation helps in a way with inner calm and other exercises like yoga and ti’ chi.

    I don’t lash out at people like I used to and am more confident with the choices I make. I have times when I’m struggling with certain things but when I meditate (or pray) I find peace in my choices.

    1. In order to find inner calm, we have to go with what works for us.

      I am so pleased you’re finding out what works for you Lisa. This is all very positive.

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