Finding inner peace

Finding inner peace is having self-acceptance. We shouldn’t have to prove ourselves to every person we come into contact with. Inner peace comes through acceptance and us just being happy with ourselves.

Its path can be long or short depending on whether our personal inner conflicts are resolved. The more we understand other people’s reasoning behind their deeds, the more we will understand them, the more we will find inner peace.

Practices such as Zen teaches us to ask more questions, to understand everything we need to come to understand. The more questions we ask the more we will understand.

Where religion may push judgment and dogma that define us, with Taoism, you learn truth is what you discover for yourself on your own terms; and that everything is relative. Its teaching although initially hard to grasp, are necessary in helping us find inner peace.

We have our own truths and the universal truths and combined they work well, as long as we work in shaping those values. It reaches the point of acceptance where “as you are” become the answer for the majority of the questions we face.


8 Mar, 2020

2 thoughts on “Finding inner peace

  1. Finding inner peace is something that seems to elude me right now. I have so much to deal with I feel it’s almost like a conspiracy.

    It will be nice to think I can turn a corner and peace is right around the next bend.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I get that also. Understanding is exactly what we all need to work through and change our circumstances.

      If and when you come to understand a particular situation, you will find a way through it. The problem is we can’t always equate or understand what is being presented and that may often elude us.

      Inner peace comes when we come to understand what we have to deal with and when we all work together.

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