Flouting lockdown

I am wondering why people are putting family lives at risk, by visiting family, when they should be tucked away at home. It’s selfish and bizarre why they’re not sticking to the lock down rule.

We must all start to ‘get it.’ We are putting lives at risk, and setting ourselves up for more time indoors. Honestly, I’m not sure which bit of ‘lock down’ people don’t get it. Working from the ego means they won’t get or understand the importance of the measures now in place on lock down. They must.

It’s difficult enough having to live your life indoors, knowing that you can’t just pop out to the park with your family or out for a walk with friends, or spend time in each other’s company, frequenting pubs, restaurants, cinemas, and bars; or visit the hairdressers.

We will be able to do even less, when the Government decides we’ve not done enough, and they extend lock down for another 2 months. So let’s get on with it. It’s selfish when others leave those following instruction, and choose to do what they want, by driving on motorways and frequenting beaches and preparing barbeques.

Staying indoors is working. Air pollution levels in the UK have dropped significantly in the weeks since the country went into lock down; nitrous dioxide (NO2) levels have gone down, with some cities seeing levels falling by as much as 60% – NO2 is released from car exhausts and is a serious air pollutant. We must do more through the other end. We are killing ourselves and the natural world.

Scientists, and David Attenborough and Chris Packham are right. Now through the Coronavirus, we must ALL be changed people. We must do what’s right and save ourselves and the natural world. We mustn’t make our lives about our gas guzzling cars, or lifestyles. We must be changed people through the other end, we must start to look after the ‘natural world’ and help protect ourselves and our families, so that future generations may live.

Through lifestyles, we’re producing climate change that is affecting the natural world, with certain species now close to extinction. We must do what is expected. We must take our egos out of this, be selfless and start working together to reduce climate change and make the skies less polluting. We must start saving lives.

14 Apr, 2020

4 thoughts on “Flouting lockdown

  1. I read about family’s ignoring advice and taking trips here and there daily, in spite of the obvious dangers to themselves and others by their selfish behaviour. I think they should be named and shamed as an example.

    As for our behaviour post lock down, I hope the majority of us will change, but I am in no doubt, some may go back to their old ways without thinking about the environment, our health and our children’s futures.

    We have the coronavirus because we’re not thinking about our lifestyles, or looking after the natural world. Now is exactly the time we need to think about change moving forward.

    1. Sadly, I have read that too. The media are picking up on those stories. I couldn’t agree more with you and think we all need to think about the coronavirus in the whole and what it means in terms of the why.

      It’s not enough to think ‘it won’t happen to me’ or it’s for someone else to have to deal with. We must all start to be more selfless instead of selfish and ‘give back’ and think about our lives moving forward and what changes we can make to make our skies and world less polluting.

  2. The one thing that I have learned in my life, is that people don’t like to be told what to do or even do the right thing, even when it means saving their own lives.

    I have watched this happen time and again, and in my recovery program so it doesn’t surprise me in the least. The biggest problem so far is for example, there are 99 people who choose to do the right thing, but there’s that one person who chooses to do whatever they please. They are the ones that are ruining it for everyone else.

    It only takes that one person to spread the virus, which people don’t seem to comprehend. They are the ones who are going to bring about the end of the human race and they don’t seem to give a damn, as long as they get to do whatever it is that they want to do.

    1. Thanks Randy, yes but what that one person doesn’t seem to realise is that if they are the carrier and they pass it it on to someone else, they put their own lives at risk.

      I think the Government’s cavalier attitude isn’t helping here. In the UK we’ve known since January, but only in the last month has the Government put us on lock down.

      I think you have your own battles across the pond. The world really is a sick place to live right now. We must all take note and come through changed people.

      We must unite as we have never done before.

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