Following the Covid-19 Rules

In the beginning we were told that those with a pre-existing condition were more likely to die or be seriously ill from Covid-19. Although at the time that was hard to hear having a disability myself, it is now clear that those with no pre-existing condition are equally at risk.

In January 2020 the UK media reported on Covid-19, although we didn’t go into lockdown until the following March. Almost 16 months later, we still don’t fully understand how the virus is transmitted and how it mutates.

From the unimaginable high level of global of deaths, it is obvious it’s not just those with a pre-existing condition who are at risk from this disease.

We all need to conduct our daily lives around the fact that we’re all vulnerable and we all need to take care. We need to think about ourselves, think about our actions and whether our actions are potentially putting ourselves and others at risk.

Although it is important we continue to wear masks in public and wash our hands, to avoid spread through surface contact, the scientists are know telling us, it is important we continue to put space between us. It is the single most important factor in helping us control the spread of the virus.

The ongoing world vaccination programmes, together with us all adhering to the social distancing rules, is the only way through this terrible pandemic.


2 May, 2021

2 thoughts on “Following the Covid-19 Rules

  1. We have all been living under difficult circumstances and I can understand people getting frustrated at the restrictions on movement etc. However, we are all in this together and it really annoys me when I see people purposely flouting the rules just because they can.

    Here in the UK we are not allowed to mix indoors with people outside of our household and yet that is perhaps the most common rule being broken. I abide by the rules 100% to try to ensure mine and others’ safety, unfortunately many don’t share the responsibility.

    We haven’t seen our children for over a year and could easily breach the rules to see them, but we all have a collective responsibility to behave and with the imminent relaxation of rules later this months and next, this will be even more important.

    We all have a part to play in beating this virus so let’s all do it.

    1. Thank you for this. I couldn’t have worded your response any better myself.

      You’re right, the rules have been implemented for a reason. Individually and collectively we’re in this together and must do everything we can to lessen the virus.

      The world is still struggling with Covid-19. The UK is in a privileged position thanks to its government vaccine rollout which has been mega successful. And as fast as we’re now reducing the virus, it can rise again.

      It hasn’t gone, it is reduced. Let’s not now undo that by breaching the Covid-19 rules.

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