Freedom Day

The UK government know what they needed to do on the 19th July to protect us, but instead chose to lift all restrictions simultaneously, including the mandatory wearing of masks and social distancing.

Lifting all restrictions means those who are vulnerable and or clinically vulnerable will now be back in isolation. Covid-19 which already has around 50k/day and is expected to hit the 200k/day mark in the coming weeks, means different decisions needed to be made.

Lives are on hold again. Like Scotland have done, masks in the UK need to be mandatory. It is important to continue to mask up. Whilst we can only protect ourselves from Covid-19, we hope others will do the same.

The independent scientists’ hands are tied, all they can do is encourage and ask that we continue to wear masks. They know Covid-19 is here to stay and given the stats, we need to do everything we can to stay safe.

Wearing a face mask is a physical barrier and can help us reduce Covid-19. By continuing to mask up, we continue to keep us and our loved ones safe.


Freedom Day isn’t freedom whilst there’s a virus running rampant and we’re still catching Covid-19. It’s not also freedom day for thousands of disabled people who are now confined to their homes.

As Dr Gabriel Scally has said: ‘Even if you are double vaccinated, you can still catch Covid-19 and pass it on.” (Source: via @JayneSeckerSky @SkyNews)

In the meantime, it will be prudent for us to continue to make sensible choices and to keep precautionary measures in place.

20 Jul, 2021

2 thoughts on “Freedom Day

  1. Thank you for writing about the issues that are important to us all. Yes, why it has been called ‘Freedom Day’ is beyond me?

    This implies all restrictions are off as there is no need for them. This just encourages people to think the threat from the virus has gone.

    The statistics tell a different story. We had 600,000 people told to self-isolate last week, 44,000 new case reported yesterday, and over 1 million children not in school.

    I will ignore the UK Government’s nonsense and will continue to go nowhere, see no-one and wear a mask while out.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I think you’re response is spot on. I also think Covid-19 even if it didn’t start out as a political tool has become one.

      It is the reason the UK government have made the decision to open up the country, when we’re still in the thick of the pandemic and leaving it to us, to navigate it.

      It is also the reason, that when the numbers go up, as they will inevitably will because there are no restrictions in place, that will be on us, and not on the government.

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