Although our lives are mapped out for us long before we’re born, we do have freewill to make certain changes once we’re here.

Freewill is the ability for us to act on our own discretion, the power of acting without the constraints of fate or necessity. It allows us to make our own choices, live independently, become self-sufficient and be more spontaneous.

Freewill is the ability to freely choose to make our own decisions, the outcomes of which cannot be known in advance. Freewill means choices and decisions are not predetermined, our ability to act according to our own freewill and purpose.

Not everyone will be born into a situation or circumstance, where freewill is in abundance. For some of us, acts of freewill are freer than for others. Some of us may be born into families where our freewill is restricted, where our lives are dictated.

But around logical reasoning, in the pursuit of making our own decisions through our own personal interests, we have freewill to chance certain things. Where we have a lack of freewill we will have little choice over our decisions.

Where attitudes, decisions and thoughts are influenced by our culture, where our choices are predetermined, established in advance and long before we’re born, those choices are predetermined and not freewill.

24 Sep, 2016

6 thoughts on “Freewill

  1. I exercise my freewill and I make sure it’s not suppressed by people who have guaranteed advantages I don’t have; of course I do so while avoiding the consequences.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, it’s important that others don’t have guaranteed advantages over us that wouldn’t be the universal way, particularly if it’s not conciliatory.

      And whether we have freewill or not, there will always be consequences to the decisions we or other people make.

  2. This isn’t something I have a lot of experience with, since my mother tried brainwashing me into being her slave which eventually worked.

    She broke my spirit and very nearly crushed my soul, so it’s no wonder I have felt so powerless in my life. The saddest part was that I kept getting into the same type of relationships as an adult, even though I hated every second of it.

    I’m pretty sure that my friend called it a repetition compulsion, which sounded like a fitting term to me! My Dad went to insane lengths to make her happy, so he didn’t set a very good example, either.

    This is a very painful subject to me, considering how much of my freewill I gave up to others. I just want to be the best person I can be in what time I have left

    I have come to feel like I have at least that option left to me.

    1. Thanks Randy. Unfortunately, as I see it, you didn’t give up your freewill Randy, you had no choice because it was taken from you.

      That’s the thing about freewill. We either have it or we don’t and if we don’t it’s usually down to an outside influence that’s predestined. You were born into what you had with your parents.

      I believe though that when our circumstances change and they inevitably do; no one’s around forever. That’s when we can work on attaining and being free.

      That means not putting up with people or circumstances you’re not happy with and thinking about ourselves more. We have to make that happen.

  3. I am stealing from a well known phrase here about equality, but we all have freewill, some have more freewill than others.

    1. I can probably think of cases where people don’t have freewill, but agree with the concept of freewill. We should be entitled to have it and to use our freewill wisely.

      It’s a shame people and society get in the way of doing what’s right by others.

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