Good moral values

We all have and live by different moral values, codes of conduct, which can either be the making or the breaking of us, individually and combined.

Incorporating good morals and values into our everyday lives will always give us clarity and focus, but we must continue to live and abide by those values. Those same values will also go on to give us positive results in areas of our lives, but we must consistently incorporate good moral values into all areas of our lives.

We will always have a good sense of self when we continue to live with good moral values. The more we practise, the better people we will be, the better we will be with others. The world we live in will be better too.

14 Jan, 2016

4 thoughts on “Good moral values

  1. My moral values were corrupted from a very early age by parents who didn’t seem to know what they even were!

    We were forced to go to church as children where we heard them preaching living with good moral values, while what was happening at home was the complete opposite! They were very selfish, manipulative and deceitful trying to get what they wanted from the world.

    The only way I really learned any moral values was from the books I read about super heroes and knights who fought for what they believed in. It still wasn’t enough to save me from becoming a person I didn’t want to be and hating myself for it.

    The reality has been that I always made choices that were based on making everyone else happy. I compromised my values far too many times trying to get what I thought I wanted when I didn’t know what I really wanted most of the time!

    I find myself very angry now that I’m trying to figure this out when most people my age have already accomplished a lot of their dreams. There are a lot of things I can’t do because of my age and physical condition so I have to try to stay focused on the things that I can do!

    Deep down I do have good moral values that I don’t have to give up just to make the rest of the world happy.

  2. Thanks Randy. Yes you shouldn’t give up on the good moral values you have. It’s a shame when parents inflict their own less than worthy values on their children and children then have to learn about morals from a superhero book!

    I wish more people were more moral. Growing up in times when people were more moral, it’s often difficult to comprehend now, why people choose not to be moral. It doesn’t take much effort to be moral. It’s a way of life and a lifestyle choice, like any other.

    I have never compromised my own values or moral standing. It’s not always easy for those of us who follow this path, when we’re among people who choose not to live their lives this way.

  3. Randy’s second paragraph describes how some traditions can leave deep scars. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt story Randy.

    We are living in some very serious times. It’s quite obvious that our lack of morality is impacting on the world in a very sinister way. We are in danger from ourselves, as conflicts plague us.

    My morality is not for sell and I’m not compromising it for anything this world has to offer.

    1. Thanks Tim. I love reading yours, Randy’s and everyone’s experiences and couldn’t agree more.

      The morality you have isn’t something to be compromised… the world needs more of it, in fact the world needs it in the bucket loads.

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