Growing up

Growing up is not only a journey of dips, twists and turns, peaks and valleys, but also mountains for us to climb.

What they don’t tell you about growing up is that not everyone has your back. There will be times when you will have to navigate your journey on your own. They don’t tell you how hard school will be, that you may need to fit in just to get through. They also don’t tell you what you may have to deal with once you’re through the other end.

What they also don’t tell you about is the hardships, they don’t tell you there isn’t the perfect relationship or the perfect job. They don’t tell you that things can sometimes change when you least expect it and you must be prepared.

They don’t tell you about possible disconnections with family, with friends, even siblings. They don’t tell you that you may not grow with confidence and therefore may not aspire to things.

What I have learned is that growing up without the support, life is what we make it that our values will determine how we think and feel about ourselves. I have learned that it is important what we think about ourselves and that we mustn’t allow others to control our life.

It is important we learn how to follow our intuition or gut that as we learn to rely on our intuition more, we’ll be better at working things out and as a result, we’ll stress less. I have also learned that it is important we stand back, rather than go into things blindly. It’s important to think things through.

That through our experiences, we can become more resilient, resulting in things bothering us less. What they don’t tell us about growing up is that growing up is tough, but we’re tough too and with determination we will get through.

18 May, 2019

2 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. I grew up independently of my family. Growing up was a bit of a blur, it seemed to happen quickly, probably the best way.

    1. Thanks. You’re lucky, my childhood went slowly. Yes, they don’t tell us how difficult growing up can be. It’s only when we look back that we see it for ourselves.

      Just imagine how much better it would be if we all started with the right support.

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