Have a plan

When we have a plan, we give ourselves time in that moment to concentrate on something that lifts our mood.

A plan doesn’t have to be anything big, or life changing, but it’s a focus. A focus that will help us change the way we think, so that we can move on with our life. A plan helps us challenge our conscious to think about something that will change the way we feel in that particular moment.

When we struggle it’s always difficult to think let alone have a plan, but having a plan will help with our struggles too. It’s a small but significant step towards changing something. Unfortunately, when we don’t have a plan, not only will we become stressed, but we will never have the opportunity to change our life in that moment.

So, the next time you’re stressing out, stand back and think about what you can do to change things. Sometimes it’s just one thing that helps us move on and away from stress.

5 Sep, 2014

4 thoughts on “Have a plan

  1. I usually have a plan in place before I start my day.

    Sometimes I have plans for a week in advance. When my plan gets interrupted I get stressed. I guess it’s the obsessive part of me that gets me in those cases.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes I agree from what you say, it sounds as though that is exactly what it is.

      I have to say though, anything that doesn’t go according to plan can sometimes make us stressed, even if we’re not dealing with obsessional tendencies; but I agree having to change something already in place would be even more stressful because you deal with obsessional tendencies.

  2. Yes, it’s good to have a plan instead of roaming aimlessly from one problem to another. The stress comes from confusion, the feeling of being discombobulated and out of sorts.

    I plan to settle down a bit, relax and concentrate on things that will help my plans come to fruition.

    1. You’re absolutely right and I agree. It’s easy to get stressed when we don’t have a plan to fall back on.

      What a wonderful thought on your last sentence. Sounds like a plan! Perhaps that’s a tip we could all use to take away stress. Thanks Tim.

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