Having gratitude

When we’re thankful for being able to experience and appreciate what we have, without a bad word directed at another, not only will we value our experiences more, but we will learn to live with and have gratitude.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, a readiness for us to show appreciation and in return for us to show kindness. Not only for what we have and what we can do for others, but for what others do for us.

Gratitude also shows we’re grateful, it allows us to give thanks and recognition, as well as an acknowledgement and regard for other people’s support, their time and effort. Gratitude shows mutual respect.

30 Jul, 2016

6 thoughts on “Having gratitude

  1. Gratitude has been a very difficult thing for me considering what I have been through. I grew up in a world where we didn’t have a whole lot to be grateful for.

    My Mother was never happy no matter how much my dad did for her, so she set the example of being very ungrateful. We were expected, it seemed, to be happy with what we had; when we didn’t have much of anything that never made any sense.

    They acted like they did so much for us, when in reality most of what we were forced to do was to make them happy! We were almost expected to take care of them, when it was supposed to be the other way around!

    I’m pretty sure this is why I have such a hard time with people who act like their life is so tough, when they have so much they should be grateful for. They grew up in the same town, had parents who loved and supported them and had every opportunity to better themselves.

    They sit around complaining, because they don’t have the right kind of car, the right partner,the right house and so on. I was always so envious of my cousins, who had so much to be grateful for and didn’t even know it.

    They had a stable home, had what they needed to be comfortable and often times so much more than we ever did. They didn’t have to go hungry quite often or wonder where they were going to be living tomorrow, so I wondered what they were complaining about.

    This is why I am so grateful for the little things, like having been in the same apartment for 10 years. It has been great being in the same area for the past 20+ years and not having to worry so much about what state would I be waking up in tomorrow.

    I haven’t had to worry about going hungry since I have a girlfriend who can cook very well and actually worries about having food in the house. We may not always have a lot of the material things, but for me that isn’t really much of an issue.

    I’m used to not having very much and not so much of a materialistic person like I thought I had to be. It isn’t always very easy for me to have gratitude, since I feel like I got screwed in my life, but I have to remember things could have turned out so much worse.

    My daughter still wants me to be a part of her life and that’s worth more than all the gold in the world.

    1. Wow! Thanks Randy. Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head and just described the human condition beautifully.

      We seem never to be satisfied with what we have and aren’t so grateful for what we do have that things could be much worse. As a child I was grateful for what I had and never came to expect anything, it was just how I was, still am but not everyone is like that.

      I do think our environment and society as a whole has a lot to do with it. Parenting is also a part of that scenario too. It’s harder to think about these things when we’re taught about them in childhood, but I still think we can all aspire to be better people.

      Unfortunately, I think we’ve come to expect too much. What we don’t have we want and tend to look over our shoulders at what others have and compare. I can understand why you would compare what your cousins had that you didn’t Randy, but if you had have had more support from your parents, perhaps that wouldn’t have mattered so much.

      If more of us appreciated what we have, we would automatically feel more privileged and therefore would have more gratitude in our lives. It’s definitely something more of us should have; something we should aspire to and want to achieve for ourselves.

      I believe families, friends, society, the world as a whole would be better off if more of us did aspire to.

  2. Gratitude makes us value others, what we have and ourselves. So we would all do well with making gratitude the centre of our lives.

  3. This blog is my cue to express my gratitude for the CP Diary family.

    You’ve encouraged me to erase any fragment of self- doubt that has been clouding my head for years, I’m very grateful for that.

    It seems that there’s always something beautiful amid our struggles.

    1. I’m not really sure how to respond to the first part of your response; thank you. Yes, no matter what or how we struggle, there will always be something positive to draw from our struggles.

      Perhaps that’s the part that is beautiful, when we’ve come through the other end and we realise how far we’ve come and how much we’ve learned.

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