Healing through reflection

Reflection is a process that allows us to create an internal space for exploring traumatic experiences that have hurt and continue to hurt us. Reflection works better when we practise it on our own and is a good way for us to explore our internal dialogue.

Reflection is a good way for us to explore our differences in a group situation. It allows others to mediate with us, to they say what they feel, for us to listen and then for them to listen to us.

Reflection also helps us study our feelings in depth, so that we come away with a more positive understanding of ourselves, our situation and other people’s perspectives.

Reasons for using reflection:

  • It helps us identify and learn from our mistakes;
  • When we’ve mastered it for ourselves, we can help others;
  • It gives us a clear perspective;
  • It makes us happier;
  • Through a clearer perspective we are able to work on change.

It is easy for us to say we want to heal, but unless we are prepared to put in the hard work, we will never fully heal. Reflection is a good way to bring a close to many past issues we’ve often left unresolved.

23 Aug, 2016

2 thoughts on “Healing through reflection

  1. I think I’ve brought closure to many things through reflection, with no punishment given or received. If I continue to relive things I’ve done or didn’t do my life would probably be unbearable.

    So there’s nothing I can really do about a lot of things, except be outside myself, reflect and gently put things into perspective.

    1. I believe Tim that once you put your issues into perspective you will relinquish all blame that you’ve put on to yourself.

      A lot of what we’ve done has probably very little to do with us, particularly in our formative years. Those who orchestrate our lives are the ones who should take responsibility.

      Once we are independent of the people whose decisions became ours, and we begin to make our own decisions, then we are held accountable for those decisions. If you know hand on heart you weren’t responsible for any decisions that we’re made for you, there would be no need to carry the guilt or blame.

      Reflection allows us to bring others into the equation, take out the issues that belong to us, deal with those and move on. Let anything else go.

      As far as the Universe is concerned, we’re all responsible and accountable whether we come forward and admit we are. The Universe knows. Other people’s guilt isn’t for us to carry.

      Reflection allows us to see the whole picture and helps us heal.

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