Health consequences

When we’re constantly juggling our lives around stress, we will fail to deal with our issues, will fail to eat properly, will fail to look after our health, as we continue to spiral into what seems like a permanent emotional rut, with no motivation to pull ourselves out of it.

No one else is responsible for us and it’s nobody else’s fault if we get ill. As we continue to blame everyone and everything for the rut, we will fail to get a grip and will fail to take control. But it takes a shorter time to get into a rut, than it does for us to work our way out of it and it’s that which can impact our health.

23 Feb, 2015

6 thoughts on “Health consequences

  1. I agree completely. Unfortunately this really is a vicious circle, which is much easier to stay in; than it is to break free from.

    As you say, we are ultimately responsible for ourselves, but many of us just can’t see a way through what seems to be an impossible impasse; hence the spiralling you describe.

    The connection between stress, mental health and our physical well-being is now accepted; the route out of the spiral being within us, less so.

    1. I agree, although I would add that it’s not being able to see a way through that brings less of an acceptance from us being able to bring ourselves out of the spiral; and that’s when it becomes a vicious circle.

      I believe though we’re more in control than we think we are. The sad reality is that many of us give up too easily when we can’t seem to find a way through. If we learned to stand back to give ourselves breathing space; take time to understand what it is we’re dealing with, we would eventually find a way through.

      We have little patience and without patience we give up too easily. Our perceptions and attitude will always make a big difference to any outcome.

  2. I do just that. I get so involved with others that I neglect myself and it has been more apparent in the past few days than it ever has.

    So I’ve decided to stop worrying about certain things and worry about myself instead.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Perhaps you can go with the flow, slow down slightly so that you don’t neglect yourself, but don’t chase after others either.

      I think sometimes we feel the need to reach out, but too much and it comes at a price on our own health. The irony is that without our health we cannot even think about helping others.

  3. Well, considering my last post just vanished, I’ll keep it short and sweet!

    I just want to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin and feel like it’s okay for me to actually take care of myself instead of everyone else,first!

    1. Thanks Randy. I think it’s something we all know to do, but not something we all do. Selfless people tend to put others first, but I honestly believe that we can do both and must.

      Our health has to come first. We can only do that by putting ourselves first. As long as we don’t forget to help others, I don’t see putting us first as a problem.

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