Highlight the positives

Instead of honing-in on the negatives, choose to look for and highlight the positives, on what your lessons are, on what you’re being shown.

We must choose to draw the positives from our lessons, make those more prominent and noticeable so that we continue to look for the positives in our lives. The more we choose to hone-in on negativity, the less positive we or our lives will be.

It is important we learn to adapt to situations. Using the Coronavirus as an example, it would be easy for us to spiral into negativity, think why us. If you believe things happen for a reason, we must look for the reason and highlight the positives.

The Coronavirus is showing us a better way to be, it’s giving us reasons to soul-search, not for us to pick holes for what we’ve done to ourselves and the natural world, but to see where we can change and turn things around.

Negative people don’t highlight, look for or see the positives, therefore will never see their experiences positively, but that isn’t to say they can’t. Simply put, it is important we all look at things positively. Life works out better when we do.

Experiences may not always be positive, but we can take positive things from each experience and choose to highlight those. It’s how we choose to look at things.

13 Apr, 2020

2 thoughts on “Highlight the positives

  1. Although a very grim lesson, some scientist have said the virus could offer tough lessons for how to prepare and ideally avoid, the most destructive impacts of climate change.

    The key question governments should be asking as they consider restarting their economies, is whether it is acceptable to go back to the status quo with its inherent impact on our health and on the planet.

    We must tackle these environmental impacts and restructure our economies and reduce emissions and pollution. It’s a no-brainier but unfortunately the main protagonists have no brains.

    1. Thank you. Yes, where you say the main protagonists have no brains, you’re either dealing with ego or narcissism.

      There can be no place in government for either. When governments begin to make the issues we face about them, you know you’re on to a loser.

      I do have concerns how politics is going right now and will always try to highlight the positives even in politics, although it’s getting harder to do that.

      I will always choose to look forward, it’s the better option I feel given the circumstances and the state of where we are in the world.

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