History repeating

History has shown and continues to show how things could have been prevented. There have been many events like the tragic loss of life on board the Titanic and the atrocities of World War II, events that could possibly have been prevented and if not prevented, at least massively reduced.

The sad reality is that we literally go through life like this. We don’t consciously stop to think about the presenting circumstances and how we can make things right, or even better, or when mistakes are made, rectify those mistakes so similar mistakes don’t happen. Had the Titanic been constructed differently it may never have sunk.

In my own life, too with Cerebral Palsy. A stroke could have been prevented if more care had been taken with my mum. Significant mistakes were made at my birth that led to the ensuing situation. Careless mistakes are still being made and too many babies sadly are still being born with the condition. The rate of babies being born with Cerebral Palsy since I was born, hasn’t gone down.

The Health Care Professionals listen to the facts. They say they will look, understand and learn from their mistakes. That they will implement change. Then unconsciously those facts slip and new, but similar mistakes happen. I am one part of that statistic. The sad reality is that they fail to learn, they still go on to make the same mistakes in new circumstances. As the unconscious patterns continue to play out, they become too complacent and more mistakes are made.

To change anything, we must consciously choose to think about things, so that we are fully in control. Not to, means we will go on to make the same errors. It’s those unconscious patterns that I talk about that we continually rely on, that stop us from finding new ways to change our mistakes.

5 Apr, 2017

4 thoughts on “History repeating

  1. The expression that comes to mind is “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it!” My friend uses the term “repetition compulsion,” which is more of a subconscious drive to do the same things, even though your conscious mind knows that it’s a mistake.
    Once you have been doing things a certain way for so long, or were forced to live that way, it becomes what you know, even as dysfunctional as it may be. My friend also asks why I put up with it and it’s kind of a case of dealing with the devil you know, plus other circumstances that he doesn’t quite get.

    I also don’t blame him for being angry with me about it seeing as he cares and hates seeing me suffer needlessly. The reality is that there are some things that you can change, some that you can’t and the wisdom comes from knowing the difference. I have wasted so much of my life dwelling on things that I couldn’t that I completely missed the things that I could.

    I’m not sure of what we could have done to prevent what happened with my own daughter, which has haunted me since we found out she had Cerebral Palsy. People do make mistakes but if it was one that could have been avoided, that’s when it becomes an issue.

    My parents weren’t very good role models and gave us the impression that we had to take whatever came along, without showing us how some things could be changed, like how we dealt with certain issues. I’m finally realising the difference at my age and trying to make sure to focus on the things that I can change.

    1. Yes, as the adult we get to choose, although I can empathise Randy. Having lived one way for so long without your own choices, makes it slightly more difficult to change.

      But having done it myself I know it can be done. We need a steely determination to do it and it starts by us saying we’re going to make a change and then find ways in which to do that.

      Unless we go out of our way to change our circumstances, our circumstances will pretty much stay the same. We also can’t expect others to change either, but unless and you’re right we focus on the things we can change, things won’t change.

      It’s important we seek out new opportunities as they arise. Those don’t just fall into our lap, we must be aware and go for them when they arise.

      That’s exactly how things happened with me.

  2. History repeats itself because lies are enough to calm us, then we lead like little sheep to the slaughter house. Of course, scavengers await to profit from our misery.

    If you can find truth out there, anywhere, then you’re much better than me.

    1. Thanks Tim. I can’t help but think it’s easier. That it takes more effort to work on the truth than it does to lie.

      I agree with you, likes are contagious. It’s also harder to come back from a lie than it is to tell the truth in the first place. But when it comes to mistakes, we need to be more honest and transparent about those. Particularly mistakes that involve children, emotional or physical abuse.

      I believe the universal truth works, but that we must all work off the same page, to benefit.

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