Holding on to hope

There’s something inside of us that holds on to hope, as if our lives depend on it. As we journey through life, we unconsciously continue to hold on to hope that somehow our lives will change.

Hope is an inner feeling that stays with us. It’s a shining light not yet shone, it’s a desire that something positive will happen, or if we need something to change that something will change. Hope is a place where calm resides, where serenity, knowing and wisdom blend together, where hope sits and waits in the wings.

Hope is a desire to live positively. Hope is a belief that our luck will change. Hope is an unconscious expectation that things will turn out. When blended with anticipation, it’s a yearning that our lives will be different. Hope is our motivator. It keeps us moving, it’s hope after all.

Hope is different to each of us. It’s an anchor in times of uncertainty. Hope is what drives us, it’s that little voice inside that’s telling us it’s not time to give up. That we need to give things one last try and the process then repeats.

26 Dec, 2017

4 thoughts on “Holding on to hope

  1. Hope, now that I think of it,has been the one big thing missing in my life for a very long time.

    I do remember having it as a small child, up until about 1976 when we went from living in a new home to sleeping in our car pretty much overnight, it seemed like.

    We may have moved to a warmer climate, but that didn’t exactly make things any better. What they really did to us over time was destroy any shred of hope for a better life, seeing as they certainly worked very hard towards getting it.

    This led to a lifetime of not having a whole lot of hope and not believing that I deserved to have my own life. I’m now facing situations where having the hope for a better life would be a great thing to have.

    I’m holding on to the hope that it is really possible to have a better life and that I do deserve it.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, you deserve to have a better life to the one your parents gave you. You have shown and continue to show us Randy that it is possible to come through, even stronger. You’re not prepared to give up and I like that.

      Through your responses, you have and continue to hold on to hope. Hope is the only thing I know that keeps us interested, motivated and willing to seek new ways for us to live our life.

  2. Hope is a far more profound thing than anything else, our lives depend on it. And yet hope deferred is enough to break us into little pieces over time.

    But we instinctively repeat hope over and over again, until it literally breathes life into us. How profound is that?

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, you’re last paragraph sums up your response beautifully. It is not only profound but is the way we must continue to live. We mustn’t give up on having hope.

      In an uncertain world, hope keeps us motivated. We need it in large amounts.

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