Hostile undertones

Sadly, hostile undertones are so familiar they’ve become part of everyday speak. They’re not funny, particularly if you’re on the receiving end.

Those who exhibit hostile undertones although they won’t always equate their tone as being hostile, if confronted they still wouldn’t agree. It’s usually us who is at fault. But on our part, we know the difference with tones, particularly if we’ve been on the receiving end all our lives.

Undertones come from our unconscious thinking and have nothing to do with our conscious thoughts. When we have lived negative thinking, when we’ve grown up with sarcasm in disguise as humour, we will continue to play out negative thinking and sarcasm. Whether it’s wisecracks, poking fun at people, teasing, or negative messages directed at another person, it’s still hostile.

Sarcasm or comments that we think are clever that belittle others, under the humour guise aren’t funny, or clever. Any type of humour that sets out to hurt another person, insults under the guise of ‘can’t you take a joke’ is abuse. Then there are the jealous undertones. Where others won’t acknowledge or admit to other people’s success. That tends to happen more around money and is more common in families.

Of course, those who practice hostile undertones not only shows themselves in a bad light, but will leave those in their wake not only having to defend themselves, but having to decide whether they want to put up with hostile undertones for the rest of their lives.

21 Dec, 2017

2 thoughts on “Hostile undertones

  1. I think it’s really important to set healthy boundaries to avoid such hostility. Although it’s easy to find ourselves exposed to behavior like that.

    Of course, to address me with hostile overtones may have substantial repercussions.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, you’re absolutely right about healthy boundaries and yes we must always put those in place.

      Sadly, when anyone addresses us with hostile undertones, it’s always at an emotional cost to ourselves.

      Yes, we may decide to have nothing more to do with those people, but that in itself is an emotional strain on us, whether we think it is or not.

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