How history repeats itself

Have you ever noticed how history repeats itself, how certain patterns keep recurring, it could be with a partner, family, a co-worker, and ever wondered why?

We follow distinct patterns, patterns that are ingrained in our personalities. Those repeating patterns are formed in childhood and passed through the generations.

You may see another family member in you and decide that although it’s completely unrealistic to change completely, there are things you can change. Not everyone agrees you can, but I believe you can.

There is no reason why history should repeat itself. When you look at the bigger picture of any situation, you can see the behaviour patterns and you can consciously seek to change those, or you can ignore the fact that you’re seeing them.

The problem is we may not seek to question our behaviour. We’re usually checking out someone else’s behaviour and ignoring our own. We are usually self-absorbed, thinking about ourselves, our wants, as we continue to strive to have and want more, and will usually stop at nothing until we get what we want.

We’re takers and often take more than we give. We find power in domineering forces such as politics, wealth and religion, with spirituality being at the bottom of the pile. It is because these aspirations are most common that history repeats itself. When our experiences lay dormant, history also repeats itself.

The irony is we get to choose what we repeat. Life can move in circles with us repeating the same ingrained patterns, or it can move in a straight line.


When it comes to history, we have a choice. It is always better to air on the side of caution and rethink what we know, but many times those things are either overlooked, or avoided like the plague.

In politics, where history repeats itself, it’s not only those making the decisions that history will repeat, but the ramifications on their decisions will extend far and wide throughout the wider population.

Where we may ignore, those things will come back. Nothing ever goes away until we deal with them, find a resolve; and a way through.


31 Oct, 2021

2 thoughts on “How history repeats itself

  1. History certainly has a lack of repeating itself. Largely, in my humble opinion, as we don’t ever seem to learn from the mistakes of our past.

    With scientists help, there does seem to be a little bit of u-turn. We now seem to be taking a step back and questioning our impact on the planet, but that needs to continue moving forward for us all. It is important if we are to avoid irreversible harm.

    I hope it’s a lesson future generations will be able to look back on and say earlier generations learned and changed what they needed to change.

    Our lifestyles are very much responsible for climate change. We need to continue to be mindful about how we choose to live our lives, so that we can make the necessary changes, having listened to the experts, so we don’t repeat the same mistakes.

    1. Thanks, yes I hope so too. And agree. Lifestyle is very much the catalyst for the problems we have with climate change.

      Flooding, polarised caps melting, sea levels rising, sea temperature rising, all created by the human species because of our lifestyles.

      If we are to save the planet and change history, we must continue to take these issues seriously and continue to act and pull together.

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