How things go

There are so many things in our lives that we either have no control over, or fail to anticipate so they just happen. Because of those things, we will have very limited understanding and without understanding we will find those things difficult to accept. Perhaps if we begin to look at things differently, we will understand more than we think.

If we understand that there will always be certain things happen that we will never come to understand, we’re more likely to find acceptance on those things, like why good people die early and the not so good people seem to live forever. We can’t understand everything, but there’s more than meets the eye.

The emotions are a powerful tool that either work in our favour, or will work against us. There is a lot we will never understand about those who succumb to illness, unless we understand their lives and get inside their skin. From the outset, there always seems to be little in the way of explanation, but we won’t always know what that explanation is.

It’s true we may not always understand why things happen the way they do, but to understand everything there is to know about the situation is to understand. We may not always have the understanding.

23 Oct, 2015

2 thoughts on “How things go

  1. I’ve learnt to be more accepting over the years, as I was making myself ill from taking on board other people’s issues.

    That way I know it’s nothing to do with me and I feel better by putting the responsibility back where it comes from. I’ve lowered by expectations too and that helps.

    1. Thank you. Yes sometimes we must come to find an acceptance on things we cannot change, control or understand.

      When this involves someone else, it’s right to lower our expectations. That way we have less stress to deal with.

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