How to avoid getting sick

We’re in the throes of winter now and I personally can’t afford to get sick because if I do get sick, it takes me a lot longer to recover.

These would be my reference tips to help us to stay healthy this winter and avoid getting sick:

Stay away from people who are sick

This may seem obvious but it is really important to avoid close contact with anyone who seems under-the-weather as most illnesses are contagious and can easily be passed on.

Remember to eat healthily

How well we eat has a huge effect on whether we have the resistance necessary to protect us from germs, bugs and illness. It is especially important to try to eat a balanced diet with plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and low fat proteins.

Drink plenty of fluids

Drinking enough water daily is essential to staying healthy. We should all be aiming to drink between 6 – 8 glasses of water. Perhaps add fresh lemon to make is taste nicer and include some Vitamin C too.

Always remember to wash your hands

Since most germs are picked up through our hands, we must remember to keep our hands relatively clean. A few germs are fine of course, but too many germs can make us sick. As bacteria and viruses live on surfaces for up to 8 hours, keeping your hands clean helps protects from catching germs.

Think about taking supplements

Nutritional supplements can help us to stay well, when combined with a healthy diet. Basic daily multi-vitamins and antioxidants like A, C, E and selenium, plus vitamin D, enzymes and probiotics can all help us avoid getting sick. Echinacea can be taken in the winter months, but try to avoid taking Echinacea long term. Two weeks on and then two weeks off should work in the winter months should work.

Try to take daily exercise

Staying active daily by exercising helps reduce stress, fatigue and improves our immunity. However when we’re feeling under the weather, we must remember to take rest so that our immune system can fight off infection.

Try to stick to a good sleep routine

Whilst the body is effective at defending us from bug and germs, we also need quality sleep to help us restore our energy. This is especially true if we’re fighting off, or we’re already sick.

Don’t consume too much alcohol

We should try to moderate how much alcohol we consume, even more so when we’re unwell, as according to research alcohol can weaken our immune system for up to 24 hours.

I always try to stick to the same usual routine. That way I don’t forget to take or do anything and manage to avoid sickness. I believe it takes longer for us to get ourselves well again, than it does for us to look after ourselves, so it really is worth the extra effort.

17 Nov, 2014

4 thoughts on “How to avoid getting sick

  1. Great post with some really sensible advice. When I catch a cold it usually ends up as a chest infection and I am really poorly for a week or so, so I am keen to avoid that as much as possible.

    Looking at your suggestions, I maybe do most but not all. I could certainly drink more and get a better night’s sleep for sure.

    1. I think we probably all could do a little more, you’re probably not alone on that.

      We tend to ignore a lot of what we should do until that point where we’re beginning to feel slightly under the weather, but by that time it’s usually too late.

      If it wasn’t for the fact that I already have health problems already, I probably would be slightly more relaxed myself and I can’t afford to let that go.

  2. Great post and suggestions. I try to do most of these things, especially the supplements.

    I highly believe in Ester-C to keep me healthy and I take a strong multi also. I have to stay well due to my special needs son. If he gets ill he will wind up in hospital. If I get ill I can’t take care of him and due to my health issues my immune system isn’t what it should be.

    My daughter and her fiancé is living with us at the moment and she is 5 months’ pregnant so it’s also important for all of us to stay well and then when the baby gets here even more important. With all this going on I also try to keep my stress levels down, which isn’t easy for me but I have been doing better here lately.

    One thing I don’t do is take the Flu vaccine. I’ve become terribly ill 2 times after I had it in the past and won’t take it again. I will be taking the pneumonia vaccine this year which I’ve never had, but my doctor says it won’t make me ill like the Flu vaccine does, so I’ll try it and I’m a strong believer in hand washing. I think to much sometimes.

    My hands crack so easily in the winter months so it would be easy to get infections if I don’t keep them clean. The exercise and the rest are the hardest for me to do. I stay so busy sometimes. I do get out and walk a little and on days I don’t get any exercise I still walk to the mail box and that’s a nice little walk for me.

    I get at least 6 hours sleep. My son doesn’t go to bed, usually until 9:00pm, but my doctor says I need an extra hour so I’m working on him getting in bed by 8:30pm and it seems to be working well.

    He still gets up around 6:00am on his own or I get him up at 6:45am per the doctors orders. I usually get up around 3:45am, just so I can have my quiet time and watch the news program and have my coffee in peace!

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes you have so much that you need to think about and coupled with the fact that you have a special needs son, makes it even more important for you to stay well. I’m pleased you do.

      I find most of the time we tend to go with what works for us, but I think the main part of staying well is rest and sleep. I think the majority of our health issues come about because of our inability to rest or sleep. As we age even if we do sleep, our quality of sleep seems to be impaired. I believe we can tackle most things with a good night sleep.

      We learn a lot from our parents about looking after ourselves, but I believe good practice starts off in childhood.

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