How to Create Healthy Habits

Regular things we do, can if we do them for long enough turn into habits, but how do we create healthy habits that become part of who we are?

Repetitive behaviours that affect the brain in ways that create habits can be hard to change, particularly if they’re not healthy. Habits are automatic, they happen without us giving them much thought. They are part of us, part of our everyday routines.

They also play out unconsciously unless we consciously think about them. To change anything, it is important to create an awareness of the action, of the habit. For example, we pick up a pen and consciously think about picking up a pen.

It is important to consciously be aware of the patterns we want to change, to look for the patterns in our behaviour that may trigger unhealthy habits. Where the unconscious mind can’t differentiate between a toxic and non-toxic behaviour pattern, we should be aware of the triggering patterns of behaviour.

As our beliefs and mindset change, so too will our behaviour. The happier we are, the more we will create healthier habits. It is important to want to change, to be aware and to have faith. Lifestyle plays its part, and so does mindset.

The more we concentrate on our core values, our beliefs, and mindset, the more we can work on change. The more we work on change, the more our lifestyles can change, the more our habits may also change.

19 Aug, 2021

2 thoughts on “How to Create Healthy Habits

  1. I believe we can break unhealthy habits and replace those habits with better choices, one step at a time.

    Your blogs allow us to question ourselves, recognise the need for change and gives us the tools to implement those changes and in doing so we can better try and create healthier habits.

    1. I agree with you absolutely. We orchestrate our own lives, therefore we can choose to live our lives differently.

      Having come through a disability I didn’t know I had, the choices I made to find out led me on to opportunities I would never have had. I have proved that with determination we can turn our lives around.

      I could have continued to live the life I had, or I could actively change myself and it. I chose change. An active decision and I haven’t looked back.

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